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Entertainment Agency Decreases Cart Abandonment by 57% with HubSpot

Meet the Chandy Group, an experiential entertainment company that builds brands that empower women, one story at a time.

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This story features multiple HubSpot products (including Business Units).

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5 distinct brands. Thousands of audience members. 1 unified platform.

The Chandy Group’s primary mission is to connect their clients with engaged audiences using personalization and customization. They deliver out-of-the-box, bespoke solutions to build and expand their clients' brands' reach.

The Chandy Group is a full-service entertainment and branding agency that specializes in helping comedians, lifestyle influencers, and world-class communicators build their personal brands and sustainable revenue streams. 


True to the Chandy Group's mission of creating authentic engagement, they require marketing and sales solutions that allow for deep personalization and customization. 


The problem was, the Chandy Group had been seeking to achieve a 360° view of their audience by using... approximately 360 tools. When they approached Revenue River, they were using ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, iTickets, Brushfire, Shopify, Kajabi, Stripe, and Bold to power their marketing. However, with each tool came increased functionality and decreased visibility. 


Revenue River partnered with Chandy Group to increase visibility, effectiveness, and insights for their team using HubSpot Marketing Enterprise, HubSpot Sales Pro, and HubSpot Service Pro, leveraging the new Business Units functionality.










The Chandy Group turned to HubSpot partner agency Revenue River to build a single source of truth for marketing, sales, and support with smart segmentation for multiple brands. 

The Chandy Group manages a number of brands, each with its own customer-facing website, email newsletter, and customer journeys.


The most pressing issue for Chandy Group was its inability to connect the dots between its different sites and brands, which were managed by different teams with different tools.


To effectively grow and nurture their clients' audiences, they would need to achieve granular segmentation and personalization with a singular, streamlined view of customer activities across their client brands.

  • Increase visibility into marketing performance
  • Create an executive dashboard and custom reports
  • Enable up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Drive book club subscription services
  • Gain insights to improve monetization
  • Power segmented, personalized communication
  • Reduce manual effort for customer service
  • Build a best practices informed, custom configuration for new HubSpot instance
  • Migrate contacts out of ActiveCampaign and MailChimp into HubSpot
  • Streamline integrations into a single source of truth

Discover. Plan. Migrate. Build.


With five distinct brands and several team members accustomed to working in disparate tools, it was essential that we use the discovery period to fully identify all existing processes and technology used by sales, marketing, and service. We held discovery meetings with key stakeholders from each department to create a shared understanding of success.


We also mapped out the customer journey from start to finish, identifying each touchpoint on the path.


Finally, we took the time to understand the individual brands themselves to ensure the technology and systems we built would support the goals of each brand.



We build a system architecture map of each of these touchpoints across their different systems—mailing list providers, CRM system, payment gateway, fulfillment service—and identified any areas where we would need to integrate data between them.


We looked at ways that each system could support another so that when one area was updated it would automatically trigger an update in the other. We also looked at ways that technology could be leveraged to perform key data functions such as field mapping, attribution tracking, and campaign reporting.



Once we mapped out the existing ecosystem and accounted for the desired functionality inside of HubSpot, it was time to migrate data into HubSpot and start building.

We leveraged native HubSpot integrations and import/export sheets to migrate all hard contact data from Active Campaign, Mailchimp, and Shopify into HubSpot while maintaining data associations between objects to serve system communication requirements, including event ticket buyers, web store customers, book club members, newsletter, resource-specific and project-based communication.




The group decided to turn to HubSpot's Marketing Hub to track interactions across multiple channels and see contact-specific activity within and across brands. They could then create automated emails based on those interactions and segment customers based on their previous interactions to make sure they were sending timely, relevant messages.


Email communication is a huge driver of engagement for the Chandy Group's clients, and the user's ability to set their subscription preferences for each distinct brand was critical. HubSpot's Business Units feature allows for companies to manage multiple brands including contacts, assets, and settings, in a single HubSpot instance. We leveraged Business Units to create separate email communication preference settings for each brand, allowing customers to customize their desired communication frequency from one brand without impacting preferences from another.


Previously, when the Chandy Group was using MailChimp and ActiveCampaign, they were limited to tags that were single-line text fields. Now, in HubSpot, they could use contact properties with drop-downs for types of activities like events attended, subscriber status, and purchases made to easily segment the database and generate reports.



Previously, there was no way for someone who sent an email on one site to be notified if they reached out from another—and there was no way for those two people to share notes about a conversation. Now, with HubSpot Service Hub, team members have a consolidated view of incoming support inquiries.

Marketing has also benefited from increased visibility. The company has a large list of subscribers that they were using to send out emails, but they wanted to keep track of how often people signed up for the Book Club, and whether or not they wanted to pause or cancel their subscription. The company also wanted to know if people signed up for the Book Club for one month only before unsubscribing and use those insights to make decisions about their programming.

The Chandy Group uses Shopify and has an account with Bold Commerce. To see this information in HubSpot, we set up custom properties to track subscribers’ payment status in HubSpot and see these different types of churn within their list in the same place.

Finally, we created a consolidated performance dashboard to provide company leadership with a holistic view of new contacts, revenue, new vs. existing business, averaged order value, abandoned cart recovery, and more.


Increased Visibility and a Streamlined Experience

The Chandy Group has always been mindful of building amazing experiences for their clients and audiences. Now, Chandy Group leadership could enjoy a streamlined experience of their own inside of HubSpot to help them grow better.


While the team is just starting to scratch the surface of the visibility afforded them by their new HubSpot instance, they are already starting to see increases in new contacts, decreases in abandoned cart deal stages, and improvements in pending cart recovery.


We create impact beyond just the metrics. Hear directly from Anna.

“Our goal is to change the lives of women. As part of that process, we'll break every system we use, and do things that have never been done before to find a solution.

We knew we were a lot walking in the door at Revenue River. We appreciate the thoughtfulness, and patience of the Revenue River team to get it right. It took a lot of conversation to get it right, and everything we've done together has laid a foundation for us that we never had before. Emily Cray was absolutely key to that.”

Anna Trent
The Chandy Group

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