41% of B2B companies have generated a customer with Facebook.


When creating a Facebook marketing plan for your business, there are a number of things to consider when getting started. To grow your social media fan drives to the point where your fans are liking, sharing and commenting on your content on a daily basis is our only focus.

Revenue River's Facebook marketing services are built with your marketing goals and overall inbound marketing strategy in mind. If you don'tFacebook Marketing, Denver Social Media Marketing, Revenue River currently have an inbound marketing strategy or want to know more about what it is, we can help. Our Facebook marketing services include:

  • 12 month strategy to grow your Facebook community

  • Custom designed profile optimized for traffic 

  • Monthly editorial calendar for publishing content

  • Facebook marketing dashboard to manage all your accounts and stage content

  • Real-time analytics to grow your campaign

  • Years of experience in building brands successfully on Facebook

Enlist Facebook marketing services to promote grand openings and monthly events, create and share coupons, and foster a community of brand enthusiasts.  Marketing your business on Facebook has never been so fun and easy! Connect with Revenue River Marketing on Facebook now! 

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