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About Lindsay

As early as fifth grade, Lindsay can remember being passionate about advertising and could beat anyone in a game of "name that jingle". Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Lindsay engaged in full fledged consumerism, but not without looking for the best deal first. Understanding the value of a dollar and what it means to those who work hard for it motivated Lindsay to move to Colorado in 1999 for college.

Lindsay focused her studies at Colorado Christian University and earned B.A. in Psychology. Lindsay first launched her career as a Social Worker and then later as an Investment Specialist. Understanding the needs of both socioeconomic classes, Lindsay returned to her first love and started her marketing career. She spent nearly 10 years at a well-known financial firm in Denver helping to create and manage smart marketing material. 

Lindsay later spent some time on the agency side as an Account Manager creating digital Demand Generation campaigns that focused on delivering the right messaging to the right people and generated increased revenue .

Now, fully immersed in all that is Inbound Marketing; Lindsay is a true believer. In this ever-changing digital marketing world, Lindsay focuses her time here at Revenue River collaborating with her team and clients to create kick-ass marketing campaigns.


Lindsay's Specialties

  • Campaign Management
  • Inbound Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Consumer Behavior
Lindsay Rivers, Revenue River Marketing
Lindsay's Inbound Certification
Lindsay's HubSpot Certification

Lindsay's Interests:

Creating & Observing

A painter, a writer, a naturalist & most importantly a mama to two beautiful children -- I find great joy in this beautiful life. In my spare time you can find me treasure hunting at resale shops, playing "pretend" with my kiddos, or doing anything possible to be outdoors enjoying nature.

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