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About Tucker

Raised in Texas, Tucker grew up jamming country music, hunting, and hiking the hill country. He attended college at Texas State University and graduated with a BBA in marketing, as well as an honorary doctorate in barbeque and tacos. After college, he hit the ground running working in the Austin tech scene at various startups and enterprises, predominately in demand generation roles.

Eventually, the call of the mountains became too much to ignore. Tucker moved up to Colorado and not only quickly discovered what a real winter was like, but also his passion for solutions architecture and eCommerce. After his early career days in demand generation and sales system architecture, he looked to expand his skill set and joined the Revenue River team where he continues to pursue his passion for solving complicated business challenges.

Nowadays, when he isn’t heads down strategizing the next big eCommerce site, you’ll find him speeding down the slopes on powder days, scouring the backcountry for Elk, or cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and Arsenal FC. An adamant believer in data driven solutions and meticulous attention to detail, Tucker eagerly greets any new challenge thrown his way. The more complex the knot, the more fun it will be to unravel.

Tucker’s Specialties

  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Demand Gen/Paid Media
  • Sales System Architecture
  • Smarketing (Sales & Marketing Integration)
Michael Tucker Sales Enablement Revenue River Marketing
Marc's Inbound Certification
Marc's Inbound Sales Certification
Marc's HubSpot Certification

Tucker’s Interests:

The Outdoors

You name it, hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting. If the great outdoors are involved I'm into it. My happy place begins where the cellular service ends.

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