About Nathan

Nathan Gifford has been building websites and applications for over 20 years, after the new world of the internet piqued his interest in college at Indiana University. After graduating, he became a music pastor for the next 8 1/2 years. Then in 2006, Nathan started his own business, focusing on website development within Joomla CMS.

In 2007, he put his first two commercial Joomla extensions on the market. These extensions were launched under the name of DTH Development. Sales really took off, mainly with the flagship product DT Register. This success led to more extensions and the ongoing development of the DTH product line. In 2013, DTH Development was bought out but continued to run under the same name. Nathan was brought in to continue running DTH and steer ongoing development as the Chief Software Architect.

In 2018, DTH was acquired, and Nathan moved on, ready to start a new chapter. He started working with Pro-Com Products as the Senior Web Developer, greatly increasing his experience with WordPress and marketing. Then, he joined the team at Square 2 Marketing and shifted to a heavier focus on HubSpot development. In June 2020, Nathan was able to join the incredible team at Revenue River and is excited to merge his background and experience with the team and continue growing together!

Nathan and his wife live in Davidson, NC with 5 kids, 2 dogs and... a cat... sigh. Four older kids out of the house, one grandkid and another on the way! Whenever able, they love exploring, hiking, and some beach time!

NATHAN’s Specialties

  • Backend Web Development / PHP
  • CMS: Hubspot, Wordpress, Joomla
  • Dry Humor & Dad Jokes
Nathan Gifford
HubSpot CMS Developer Certified
Nathan's Inbound Certification
Nathan's Inbound Sales Certification
Nathan's HubSpot Certification
Nathan's Contextual Marketing Certification
Nathan Gifford Music

Nathan’s Interests:

Family & Music

My main focus is my wife and kids, which is the motivation behind most everything that I do. Beyond that, I'm a music guy. I've played music, mainly saxophone and piano, since I was a kid. I've played in a variety of groups and events, but mostly geared around praise & worship. I'm also a songwriter and have done many recording projects, many featuring my own music. 

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