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The Case For Content Marketing - 3 Compelling Reasons To Take Action


tell your story with content marketingContent, it's all the rage these days.



There are literally thousands of articles instructing you on what to do, how to do it, etc.  This isn't one of those articles, it's about the benefits of content marketing.  It's all about the benefits baby!


3 Compelling Reasons To Implement Content In Your Marketing Campaign 



Reason #1 Your Favorite Search Engines Will Love You


If you're looking to be found for the goods or services you offer and problems you solve you'd be wise to consider including content marketing to supplement your SEO strategy.  With Google's changing algorithms strategy adjustments should follow.  If your current optimization team isn't suggesting fresh & relevant content as a means of supporting their efforts you might want to consider a new vendor.  A content strategy that includes a mix of articles and landing page copy to support premium content in the form of indexed web pages will make search engines take notice and drive better rankings.  


Reason #2 Your Sales Staff Will Be Empowered


Sales people LOVE content to help them nurture and educate their leads, if your sales people aren't beating down your door with requests for new assets to make their jobs easier than you might have a bigger problem.  The asset problem can be addressed with a solid content strategy that includes a good mix of educational material.  If you can answer the key questions that the majority of your prospects ask during the sales cycle you'll empower your sales people to answer their questions and objections effectively.  Published materials are always going to be more credible than a salesperson's word, for obvious reasons.  


Reason #3 You'll Be Seen As The Expert You Are


There is a lot of power in credibility, your organizational success to date can likely be tracked to it.  In the digital world we live in today information and resources are at the tips of everyone's fingers.  When those fingers consistently discover you as the trusted resource you'll benefit greatly.  Use content marketing to position yourself as an industry expert and become a thought leader by sharing your insights.


Here are four simple pointers to make the best possible content marketing strategy:


  • Make sure you have a solid keyword strategy and each published asset focuses on a single keyword
  • Include your sales staff in content strategy, enlisting their help to identify common objections & questions
  • Share your intellectual property by publishing it openly, you'll gain so much more than you'll lose
  • Go Pro or don't go.  You wouldn't hire an intern to do your sales so don't hire one to write.


So content marketing can do a lot for your business, that's the golden nugget you were looking for with this article.  If I'm not a credible enough source to convince you of the benefits, I have a backup plan.  Check out HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah's take by downloading a free chapter from their new book.  They're smarter than I am, I'm surprised you didn't know that.