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3 Underdog Social Media Campaigns Absolutely Crushing it in 2014


There’s no doubt that a great social campaign can put a brand on the map. I wanted to take a look at a few of the underdogs that have done it quite successfully this year. These companies are the antithesis of large corporations with seemingly unlimited marketing budgets and household-name status for the last fifty years.


Warby Parker

Their message: buy a pair, give a pair. For every reasonably-priced pair of glasses purchased, Warby Parker makes a donation to their nonprofit partner that covers the cost of sourcing an equal number of glasses in developing countries.  According to them, their objective is “to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.” Bottom line: they have set out to take on the giants of the eyewear industry while doing good in the world.

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How is their social media campaign spreading that message like crazy? Pretty simply with the hashtag, #warbyhometryon. They have perfected a home try-on process that allows people to select five different pairs of glasses from their online boutique to be sent to their home, free of charge, so that they can try them on before purchasing.

Once the box arrives, folks are encouraged to upload a series of photos with them trying on each pair of glasses with their official hashtag. This allows them to crowdsource honest feedback from their friends and family between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This also further promotes Warby Parker’s brand and message at virtually no charge to them. Clever!




Their message: get a monthly mailing of great swag for your pup while helping doggies-in-need. For every subscription pup parents purchase, 10% of the profits are donated to animal rescue efforts around the country. Pet owners get a chance to try new products and donate to a cause that likely resonates with them in the process.

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How is their social media campaign spreading that message like crazy? By posting a deluge of totally adorable, irresistibly cute posts of videos, inspiring stories, interactive quizzes that entertain and tug the ol’ heartstrings of animal lovers.

BarkBox has done a great job of honing in on their main persona, understanding their interests and motivators. As they constantly delight their followers with fresh, clever content, they ensure that their message will be shared and spread. Using this strategy, they also win new followers organically along the way.




New Belgium

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Their message: make great beer using environmentally-friendly processes and sustainable resources. Over the last several years, they have worked incredibly hard to build out a state-of-the-art brewing facility that produces its own clean energy to create world-class brews.

How is their social media campaign spreading that message like crazy? By combining their usage of social channels and current cultural events, New Belgium successfully reaches their target audience on their turf.

Their latest social stunt, the #beerlection, ran simultaneously with the nation’s gubernatorial election. The political ad spoofs they posted undoubtedly resonated with their consumers who were sick and tired of seeing all the political mudslinging. It also gave consumers an opportunity to engage with the brand by casting their vote and encouraging their social networks to do the same. 



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