4 Applications for Drone Footage in Your Digital Marketing content

digital marketing content

Today, I'd like to discuss the art of drone videography and how you can use drone footage to enhance your digital marketing content. There are millions of applications for drones in today's world, but I'll be discussing 4 applications for drone footage to enhance digital content, site pages, and social engagement. 

Video has been proven to be an effective way to emotionally connect with your viewers and leaving a lasting impression can be the difference between winning and losing business. Drone footage presents a unique perspective on video through high altitude shots of your office, the surrounding scenery, and more. 

But where should that video content go on your website?

1. Site Page Banners

Site page banners are always a great place to leverage video content as it is the first thing people see on any give site page. Why not throw a gorgeous slow-mo montage of drone footage that shows your office on your 'about us' page? It's a perfect place to show off some expert video skill as well as give a real tour of your workspace and give the viewer something to set the scene and connect to your company even more. 

Another opportunity is to show your team and your workspace in one shot. For example, fly your drone in front of the team standing in front of your office and then fly it up and out to then show the full building. If everyone is jumping and cheering it will convey a sense of excitement and passion for the workspace, which is a great first impression for someone coming to your site. The example below shows a drone shot of our team members holding the various web development trophies that we have won in the last year, that will be showcased on our web design portfolio page. 

2. Intro or Outro Templated Footage for Videos

When making an intro and outro template for a marketing video or video series it is important to have great imagery to use. This is a great place to utilize drone footage. More specifically, you can use scenery that represents the setting of the video or video series. 

For example, if I'm shooting an interview series that takes place in our office, I will take some hi-res drone footage of the surrounding area, the exterior of our office, and add some interior office shots as well. This sets the stage and gives your audience a greater sense of the setting to help connect them to the video even more. 

digital marketing content

3. Social Media Posts

Social media channels are havens for beautiful video content. A lot of the shared content is in the form of nice photos and video footage for the show, but this can be a place to leverage a teaser or a promo video for your video series or any digital marketing content. 

The most valuable type of drone footage for social media efforts is hi-res, slow-motion beauty shots that work as a teaser/promo for another piece of content. If you are not linking to another piece of content then you are only going to see the benefit of social engagement. That being said, if that is your goal for that particular piece, then this is also a very effective way to boost post engagement. 

digital marketing content

4. Building Tours

Many companies boast about their incredible, open and collaborative workspace, but talking about it can only get you so far. Grab your drone and record a fly through video to show everyone how great your space is. It can be effective with the team in their workspace or with an empty office. Either way, this can be a great recruiting tool for both new hires and potential clients looking for a good cultural fit. 

digital marketing content


Drones are becoming more and more prominent in today's world, and digital marketing is no different. Drones are great for making videos and you can use these easy applications for drones to enhance your marketing content, connect with your audience, and leverage most video connect on your site where you never thought you could. All the strategies mentioned can help you boost engagement and drive more results from your marketing content and site pages. 

If you would like to know more about how drone footage or video content, or for help kicking your marketing content into overdrive, book a consultation with our expert multimedia team. 

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