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4 Things You Won't Find Me Doing At The Inbound Marketing Conference

Are You Going to Boston in September for INBOUND14?  

I sure am, wouldn't miss it.  Since attending this marketing conference last year our agency has exploded and I'm pulling every string I can to get my entire team there this September. 

If you are going there are some things you should be made aware of before you go.  HubSpot does a great job of putting together a detailed agenda and I'm sure lots of people will have advice on what to see while you're in Boston.  In fact, our very own Marc Herschberger put together a fantastic Craft Brewery Guide you'll want to scoop up and digest.  This article is a little different, it's geared towards some things you definitely DON'T want to do. 





4 Things I Better Not Catch You Doing At Inbound


If you decide to put your bad idea jeans on in Boston, I'm going to catch you.  I'm going to call you to the carpet for your eroneous behavior.  Call me Santa Claus cause I'm coming to town and I've got my eye on your behavior.   

Don't Let Me Catch You....



1. Standing In The Corner


 Holy shit everyone, we're all in the together!  We're the best marketers in the country and we don't really compete with each other as much as you must think.  Drop the shy, drop the competitiveness, lose your attitude and introduce yourself to someone new.  Meet new agencies, hear their story, share your own.  Everyone benefits from collaboration and the more we get to know eachother the better we'll all be.  

Monday night is Partner Night, I'll have my eyes open and a beer in my hands.  If you don't want to talk to me  you better be talking to someone. If you don't, I'll tell on you or something.


2. On Email During A Presentation


I shouldn't even have to say this but it pissed me off enough last year to go on a rant here.  We pay good money to attend this show and the speakers here are truly remarkable.  Pick the right break out session and make sure you get there early to get a good seat.  Be ready to take notes and PAY ATTENTION.  

The smallest takeaways from last year have fueled a lot of good things for me throughout the last year and you won't catch them if you're busy emailing and texting.  Put your damn phone away, turn on your out of office, and check on things betweens sessions (that's why they have a break).  Show the speakers respect and learn as much as you can.  If I catch 'working' during a session I'll probably kick you or throw something at you.  Seriously.  


3. Eating Alone


As Keith Ferrazzi said in his great book about networking, "Never Eat Alone".  Inbound14 might be your best chance of the year to meet some of the most influencial people on the planet, don't mess it up.  Find your HubSpot rep and get them to hook you up with some other agencies for a meal together.  Talk a little business, drink a little wine, get to know each other.  Friendships, partnerships, and big ideas come from a simple meal together so go out of your way to make a few happen.  Need a dinner date?  Get a hold of me and join us. 

I better not see two badges from the same company at a 2-top when I walk through the restaurant.  I'll buy you a round of drinks and dump them down the back of your necks.  Don't believe me?  Ask the guy in Caesar's Sports Book I sat by during March Madness two years ago, have dinner with me and I'll tell you the story.  



4. Going To Bed Too Early


I don't think this made it onto the agenda page, because it's top secret.  The best of the best often stay out even past dinner.   They go out for drinks.  They dance their asses off.  They destroy every song on the menu in China Town singing Karaokee.  They make great stories, they become great friends, and they keep in touch long after the show.  

If you don't take advantage of opportunities like this when given the chance you're stupid.  When I see you all fresh and chipper the next morning I'll walk by with my red eyes and you'll know you missed out.  I won't even need to punish you, your disgrace for not attending will be enough. 


So There You Have It - 4 Things NOT To Do At INBOUND14

If you'll just take my advice you'll maximize your experience and really take the most you can away from this fantastic marketing conference.  Marketing and INBOUND14 isn't just about software, it's about people and relationships (You should tweet that).  Get the most out of both by taking my advice, if you don't I'll know and it's going to be harder to fit in when you're walking with a limp.  


If you haven't signed up, get on it.  I'll even give you this fancy discount code.  They might as well pay you to go....