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4 Ways Inbound Marketing Is Like College Football


Inbound Marketing Firm in Denver ColoradoWhile witnessing the destruction of Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship at the conclusion of a bowl season that seems as long as the regular season I got to thinking....  College football is kind of disspointing.  It promises so much and delivers so little.  Just like most marketing campaigns I thought, I must be able to scrap together a solid similarities and turn it into a blog post.  Well let's see, here it goes....

Similarity #1:  Many times you're set you up for excitement only to let you down.  I'm not sure the national championship is any measure but if you're a Notre Dame fan I'm pretty sure you'll agree.  I was one of the embarrassed few who thought the Golden Domers could make it interesting. 

I also think every potential client that reaches out to us MUST have something to work with.  They must have a good website, they must have a social media campaign with a lot of fans.  They must have some good generic rankings.  I must be crazy.  I've been set up and let down with expectations of a solid foundation too many times, the bottom line is very few Denver marketing companies have reached the majority of businesses in need of services.  College football seems to be no different, hitting not much more than one out of every five games to meet the hype and expectations. 


Similarity #2: There are blue chippers, underdogs and the over rated.  With NCAA football it seems like the same teams are in the top 10 every year, except after they've been caught cheating.  There is always a Cinderalla story or two, (see Northern Illinois or previously Boise State).  There are the teams you expect to be good because of past reputation but don't seem to pan out (sorry Oklahoma). 

It's no different in the world of marketing, there are so firms out there you may be evaluating that are absolutely top of the line with prices to match.  There are companies out there that used to be effective but have been passed by with the rise of the world wide web.  There are some young firms that aren't too proud to know they're still learning, that work while other people are sleeping to get better.  Inbound Marketing firms like Revenue River who rise up to make a name for themselves by executing better than their competition, showing their passion and drive to help their clients reach new goals. 

Similarity #3:  When the fans speak, the client listens.  Your social media community is much like a large schools fan base and boosters.  They like to win, they like to be involved, and they get angry or disengage when things don't go their way.  Facebook fans want some red meat.  They want WINS.  Give them a promotion, give them a winner team that everyone wants to be a part of, they'll love you. 

Take your fans for granted and neglect to give them wins and they'll turn the channel.  Yes Dancing with the Stars is horrible, and yes they'd rather watch that then you if you don't make them feel cool for watching.  Look at season ticket sales for losing programs, it's no different right?

Similarity #4:  To the victor goes the spoils.  The best marketing companies seem to get the biggest contracts, the best clients, and the most opportunities to choose from.  The best college football teams get the best bowl bids, the most contract dollars, the most invites to choose from. 

As a growing company we're still not the biggest game in town when it comes to marketing agencies.  I'd say we're more of an up and coming program like Oregon rather than a vaunted powerhouse SEC team like Alabama.  We have a little edge, some flash like the Ducks and at times may be accused of being a little brash.  We work harder than anyone and have a fire inside to succeed.  We're building a program you're going to want to be an alumni of, come join our team and we'll take you to the bowl game of your dreams :)

Revenue River Marketing is a full service marketing agency based outside of Denver, Colorado.  We specialize in inbound marketing, social media, seo and web development services. If you're looking to raise your flow of profits with a great inbound marketing campaign please let us know.  We'd love to work with you to outline your goals and build a plan.

Image Credit:  University of Oregon

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