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5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools for Social Media Content Creation

social publishing strategy

Today, most organizations that utilize digital marketing strategy for their business leverage different digital tools to help boost campaign performance and to help capture better quality data for lead generation and conversions. These tools can range from simple social monitoring tools to content creation tools for social imagery. Below, I have list a few of my favorites and why I love them so much.


As an inbound marketing coordinator at Revenue River Marketing, I manage social publishing strategy for my clients account daily. Canva allows me to add some personality, custom imagery, and branding to these daily posts.  It is very simple to use and can make your posts more attractive to your audience. You can upload your own background imagery or choose from their library of shapes and images. Putting a good Canva piece together is as easy as writing the copy for the social post it relates to. Ultimately, adding custom imagery to any social media post can result in an increase in click through rate which can lead to more conversions on your site.

social publishing strategy

This is a great tool for promoting your current blog and site CTAs through social media. You can add a CTA to any relevant website page or a new article that you are sharing on your social accounts. This service is free for up to 1000 clicks on your account. If you are an agency and want to have unlimited clicks and multiple social accounts under one account, you’ll have to pay a monthly account fee. I have noticed an increase in site traffic for one of my clients since implementing When sharing relevant content from other sites it can be hard to get traffic to your site, this changes that and gives people a direct link to the product, download, or service that you are promoting on the post copy.


Have you been trying to build your Twitter followers with nothing to show for it? Tweetfavy gives you a leg up on the competition and can grow you followers from month to month by this simple process; You supply Tweetfavy with a list of keywords and phrases, then Tweetfavy automatically will like and favorite tweets and twitter users that contain your keyword and then a number of these people will follow you back and your follower database will start to grow incrementally. Essentially, they automate your engagement strategy to position you in the right space to be looked at as a thought leader and worthy follow on twitter.

social publishing strategy


When you develop your social strategy, a  large part of growing you social following and improving your social performance is what your competitors, partners, and industry leaders are doing on social. Feedly is a news aggregator for social media and blogging that allows you to customize your own feeds for different topics, trends, products, and services. Keeping up with the pulse of the industry is important to knowing what to post and when.

HubSpot Social Dashboard

The most important pieces of this small puzzle that I’m building is the HubSpot Social tool. This isn’t limited to the social publishing tool, which is fantastic, but the entire social dashboard. Having the different reporting elements monitoring tools and publishing tool all together under one roof is the best thing the social manager or content marketer can have. Say I publish a number of posts today and what do check on the engagement of all channels and posts for each client. Instead of having to log into each individual account, I can simply log into the client portal in HubSpot and open the social monitoring tool to see how the engagement is and reply to comments in necessary, and then the reports to view some high-level metrics about the performance of each individual post.


With so many different tools out there to choose from, I tried to keep it high level and pick the most essential to my workload daily. Apply these tools to your strategy will help take your social game to the next level.


For any question regarding social publishing strategy or to book and strategy consultation, feel free to reach out to us at Revenue River Marketing.

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