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5 Social Media Marketing Tips Craft Breweries Can Use to Brand Their Beer


Denver social media marketingYou love your beer. Your customers love your beer. Why not get things really moving by building your beer brand. Today's social media marketing is all about customer evangelization. It isn't just about posting on Facebook and Twitter, it's about getting your hands dirty and letting those that love your beer get involved in your process. 


Five Tips to Brand Your Beer Online

  • Tell Your Story: Every craft brewer has a story about how they got started and what makes their beer unique. Sam Adam's founder Jim Koch fondly tells his story on the back of the Boston Lager six pack. He found his grandfather's lager recipe in his fathers attic, brewed the first batch it in his kitchen, and with a little tweaking, Boston Lager was born. The rest is history, with the creation of Boston Lager Jim Koch began the highly successful Sam Adams Brewery.


  • Build Trust: Your customers are your number one fans. Building trust in your brand is key; make a promise to your customers and remain true to that promise no matter how big your brand gets. Your customers want to rely on something, they want value and substance. Provide them with a valuable promise, and they will remain loyal to your brand.


  • Create a Clear Identity: Your image embodies your brand. The reason why craft beer is so fascinating is that each has a unique identity. Craft your identity using traits you feel closely align with your personal brand. Remember, once your image has been set out into the world, it can be hard to change or retract it. 


  • Stay the Course: Once you begin the branding process, stay consistent. Whether marketing online, in print, or in person, customers and potential customers will recognize who you are and already have an idea what you are about. Without consistency, your brand will seize to exist.  


  • Make Adjustments: Once the core of your brand has been established and your brand image is crafted, now is the time to see how your campaign is received. If supporters are rallying your cause, your brand is well on its way to great success. To find out which areas of your branding campaign may need adjustment, talk to your customers. Your customers are your touchstone, they will help you decide which areas of your campaign may a bit of tweaking.


As long as you stay consistent, keep your brand promise, and remain true to your core values, your craft beer brand will thrive. For more information on branding your craft beer business, contact the Denver social media  marketing professionals with Revenue River Marketing