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6 Best Email Marketing Tools to Boost Ecommerce Sales

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We live in a day and age of options. A simple Google search of 'email marketing software' returns 7 ads and 10 advisory sites proclaiming to know the best email software out there. With all these options, paired with the constraints of your ecommerce software, finding the right email marketing tool to boost ecommerce sales is no easy task. Email marketing is considered one of the best ways to drive sales; one study estimates that email marketing ROI sits at $38 in return for every $1 spent.

To build out this channel and see the ROI for yourself, you'll need to find the right software and invest your team's time into creating a stalwart email strategy that aligns with your overall ecommerce marketing strategy. Here are some recommended tools to get you started:


Send personalized emails to a targeted audience by connecting to your ecommerce platform.

Klaviyo connects to your ecommerce store to receive your store information and uses it to trigger and send customized emails. A robust segmentation capability that uses email, ecommerce, and web behavior data enables top-of-the-line personalization with targeted email sends. The tool itself is extremely easy to use and the email template options are growing in number. 

Klaviyo's automation features are some of the most robust we've seen. A/B test content, subject lines, and timing with automated emails, branch the flows using ecommerce data taken directly from your store, and see the success of each email within the flow editor itself. Klaviyo starts you off with a set of standard automated sequences, but the flexibility of this tool allows you to create something truly unique.  

In the right hands Klaviyo can quickly become a heavy sales driver, and with the reporting dashboard you can directly tie revenue to a flow of emails.

Integrates with: Shopify, Shopify Plus, OpenCart, Magento, Celery, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Volusion, Spree, 3dcart, and 30+ other software and platforms


Drive user behavior at every step of the buyers journey.

Omnisend does what its name declares - sends all types of emails (and SMS). From the start of someone entering your database, all the way through post-purchase and reconversion, Omnisend communicates with your audience at the stage they are at. It starts with tracking user behavior on your store, and then based on the users' actions it triggers a certain email message that is customized for that place in the buyers journey. 

You'll also gain some efficiencies when creating the emails themselves. The product picker lets you add in products straight from your store, and the product recommender will drop in suggested products when deployed. Omnisend's drag and drop template editor makes it very easy to use, and when paired with ecommerce analytics, it's a very powerful tool.

Integrates with: Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal Commerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart


Connect with people that matter for your business.

When it comes to cold outreach and lead generation, Hunter is one of the most powerful tools on the market. It allows you to find valid email addresses from decision-makers and keep the conversation going. Building targeted email lists is a hard job and experiencing email bounces is even harder to swallow. People tend to change companies, lose passwords, open new email addresses, and the chances are that some emails that were once valid don’t work anymore. Sending emails to invalid email addresses will result in email bounces that can lead to serious email deliverability problems that ultimately strip down your sender's reputation. 

One of the main Hunter features is an email verifier which ensures that emails from your lists are valid and ready to receive your emails. In case, some emails aren’t valid, you can always use an email finder that quickly finds alternative email addresses. If you deal with lists with thousands of email addresses, Hunter offers bulk tasks where you can simply import a huge .CSV file and find & verify emails in a couple of minutes. 

Integrates with: Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Gmail, Outlook, Zapier


Communicate clearly and reliably with transactional emails.

Transactional emails are big in ecommerce; they alert of account creation, send important purchase information, and give the customer the peace of mind that their order has been processed and on track. SendGrid built its name inside the transactional email space, with a customer list that includes Uber, Shopify, and Airbnb giving authority to its name. SendGrid does what basic email marketing services can't: send transactional emails customized to your exact specifications in a timely and reliable manner.

SendGrid's flexible API and code editor that's friendly to marketers and developers alike enables pure customization of every type of transactional email you'd like to set up. The smooth, functional delivery of your transactional emails are a critical piece of the pie to keeping your customers well informed - and keeping them coming back.

Integrates with: Zapier, Custom API, SMTP API


Align cross-channel communication for your consumer business. 

WebEngage is a self-proclaimed marketing cloud for consumer business, with a data-heavy database that is geared for all the channels you use (email, push, SMS etc.). This cross-channel communication sets WebEngage apart from its competitors, allowing you to truly align your channels' messages with each other. WebEngage also aids conversions with personalization and segmentation within each type of communication. A limitation is no out-of-the-box ecommerce integrations, which may constrain the personalized content of your communications.

If you're looking to organize all your channels under one roof and contact your database on the channels they frequent, this is the place to start. If you're only focused on email, then you'd likely have more luck with an email-focused tool.

Integrates with: Web SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK


Connect with your audience in using gathered data on a simple interface.

Remarkety is a very strong email tool that is very specifically geared to growing sales and customer retention. This tool connects to your ecommerce platform, ports over data from your store, and allows you to use that data in your email sends. Features include those we've come to expect as standard for any ecommerce-specific email tool: targeted newsletters, abandoned cart recovery, and automated follow ups. On top of that, product recommendations, exclusionary rules, and personalized coupons make Remarkety stand out as enabling a truly symbiotic experience with your customers.

With built-in email performance tracking you can see basic email data as well as the number of purchases generated from a certain send. These real time analytics, paired with campaign recommendations, help you stay focused on the emails that actually drive sales and add to your bottom line.

Integrates with: Shopify, WooCommerce, VirtueMart, OpenCart, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Magento 


Take selecting the right software seriously, as it will be the groundwork for your email communications for the foreseeable future. These tools give you the ability to try new things and customize in more personalized ways. Once you choose one, start launching your emails without worrying about perfection. Consumers have lower attention spans than ever before, and receive more emails than any given time in history. If they don't resonate with one email, they might convert with the next. 


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