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For many, advertising and marketing gets somewhat of a bad rep because of the sense that these promotional avenues are meant to trick people into buying a company's product or service.  Everyone has dealt with at least one poor marketing campaign that has over-promised and under-delivered, and for some it has taken the wind out of their sails and forever altered the way they viewed larger corporations and their sales techniques.  So, as a business owner, marketing director or just an account manager, it is best to keep this extremely informative infographic created by One Deep Design in mind:



Your marketing should reflect the core values and overall vision of your brand, so be sure to keep these 6 tips in your back pocket moving forward!  If you are interested in focusing on Tip #2 and a sharp website and brand image, we have a great web design checklist or if you are more interested in Tip #3 and brilliant content, we might recommend our blogging or eBook creation guides.


Marc Herschberger

Marc Herschberger

As one of the first hires at Revenue River, Marc has a passion for the company that rivals anyone. Marc takes strategy to a new level with anything and everything being planned out. That mentality has rubbed off on the rest of the company and took Revenue River to the next level. While Marc isn’t strategizing a social media campaign or the next integration, he’s on the soccer field strategizing his next play.

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