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7 Creative Chatbot Ideas to Boost Your Business Online

Table of Contents

1. Find a Restaurant

2. Product Suggestions

3. Exit-intent Bots

4. Pricing Page Bots

5. Check Order Status

6. Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

7. Tag Customers


Ok, so we all are aware of Conversational Marketing at this point. 

I’m not going to spend time defining it for you in this article, but there are plenty of articles to help you understand it, just in case you’ve been hiding in your house for a while…Oh wait - we all have! Regardless, I continue to build a lot of chatbots for clients. I’ve graduated from the challenge of explaining to clients the value of using chatbots on their websites to discussing more unique use cases for chatbots designed for specific businesses. Now, it appears creativity and pushing the envelope of the normal chatbot, we are all accustomed to using, is becoming ever-more necessary. Using Live Chat or welcoming someone to your site and asking how you may help them today doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

Most chatbots are always on, fully customizable, and extremely scalable so you can get prospects what they need when they need it. I like to try to use new chatbots creatively to boost your online business and make your customer much more at ease with interacting with a chatbot…not to mention impressing the hell out of them at the same time. Here are 7 creative chatbot ideas to boost your business online.

1. Find a Restaurant

Restaurant chatbots can provide recommendations based on cuisine, location, and price range. "What type of food do you feel like eating tonight?" "How fancy do you feel like getting dressed?" "What's your price range for the average dinner?" The data is all there, you just have to tap into it and provide quality results immediately. Some chatbots will even make reservations for you or take your order!

2. Product Suggestions

Many consumers know what product category they’d like to buy but might not have a specific item in mind. Enter the product suggestion chatbot. This bot can offer products based on what they want or like (color, style, brand, etc.) It doesn’t matter if you’re selling groceries, flowers, books, or movie tickets.

For example, Patron Tequila uses a ‘Bot-Tender’ to provide ideas for types of drinks you can mix with Patron based on the situation, flavors, or even type of event

Patron Tequila example

3. Exit-Intent Bot

The concept of an Exit-Intent bot is to catch someone as he or she moves the mouse up the page and/or toward the top right of the window as if he or she is about to click the “close window” button. Rather than missing out on a potential sale, it’s a crucial time to reach out to the visitor one last time. It’s a good place to offer an additional discount or gain insight as to why they’re about to leave.

4. Pricing Page Bot

In the same spirit as the “Product Suggestion Bot”, this type of bot is not on the list for its creativity, however, this is likely one of the most important pages on your entire site. It’s a safe bet that someone on this page is darn near ready to speak to a salesperson. If your goal is lead generation - it doesn’t become much clearer than a visitor checking out your pricing page.

This is where you want to ensure you have a strong support presence. Here’s a great place for someone to be on the ready to step in with a live chat if possible. At the very least, offer assistance and close that deal!

5. Check Order Status

According to Tidio, a Chatbot platform, research shows that 11.5% of customer’s questions are about delivery status. Using a chatbot to allow deliver order status saves your company and your customers valuable time while reducing any growing concerns about where a purchase is located in the delivery process. Many chatbot platforms, like HubSpot, integrate seamlessly with Shopify nodes, like the Shipping Zone node and the Check Order Status node.

Hellotars order tracking bot example

6. Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

Remember when you left a site with a filled shopping cart and a short time later you received an email asking if that was some kind of mistake? Well, those days are done. Abandoned Cart Chatbots engage with a customer that has items in their cart but has not proceeded to check out while they’re still on the site. It’s immediate and personalized to the current items they’re interested in. In some cases, it’s a good play to offer one last discount to entice the shopper to finally make the purchase.

The Abandoned Shopping Cart Chatbot has but one mission – don’t let customers leave without buying! If it still doesn’t work, the bot can simply ask what prevented the customer from making a purchase, and in some cases, you may gain valuable insight about your products, pricing, or even the user experience.

7. Tag Customers

This may not sound ultra-sexy or creative, but let me just say how powerful tagging customers can be to your business. Revenue Acceleration platforms like Drift allow you to automatically mark (or tag) customers that have visited a specific page, performed a specific action, or chatted in with a specific message that triggered keywords. Tagging is used to provide unique customer service depending on the customer’s behavior.

Let’s say, for example, a client who purchased several expensive items has been tagged as a “VIP” and has a custom property named “VIP” attached to him or her. You can then, add this property to that client’s profile and every time he or she visits the site is automatically sent items or suggestions tagged to show to “VIP” clients. The Chatbot is also customized to treat this visitor with a higher level of personalization. Most likely, you’ve just made a customer for life.


Chatbots can improve customer service, provide unique customer experience, save a lot of your time, and increase your sales while offering great value to any online business. There are nearly limitless possibilities for what can be done with chatbots. These 7 chatbot ideas demonstrate how to boost your online business, and are already pushing the boundaries.

There’s not much to lose, and certainly, a lot to gain. Trying to use new technologies can be a huge asset in getting ahead of your competitors – and that’s exactly why I recommend you give it a shot. So don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to help, engage, or sell to your customers.

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