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8 Ways Marketing Firms Can Blow Your Mind

Denver marketing firmsI own a marketing firm, we can start there.  I obviously believe in the positive impact of marketing can have on organizations, assuming the campaign is designed with your goals in mind.  Great execution helps too.  The problem with marketing is that it’s interpreted so many ways, I believe you probably have a different perception of what marketing in than I do.  Especially these days, it truly is a new frontier as we’ve moved from the industrial age to the information age.  So many known methods are being outpaced by fantastic new ways of reaching your audience effectively. 

For a great example look no further than many of the Denver marketing firms competing against my team for your business.  Taking a look at some of the top firms tells me one thing:  marketing is open to interpretation

Here are some focal points and claims from a few I found:

  • “integrated ad & marketing company in brand strategy, PR, social & creative”
  • “digital agency with clients worldwide”
  • “interactive marketing experiences”
  • “ignite company brands and keynote presentations”
  • “innovative ad agency”
  • “brand marketing, design, and communications experience”
  • “web development, SEO strategy, and website design”

Instead of confusing things with a list of services we provide, I like to focus on the solutions provided.  We’re striving to be a difference making marketing firm, and I believe that starts with understanding your customers and ends with reaching your goals. 


8 Ways Marketing Firms Can Blow Your Mind


  1. Build Brand Recognition – a sharp, consistent display of your company brand throughout all mediums improves your credibility and brand perception.  This can help you stand above your competition and command a premium for your services, exactly the kind of performance you should expect from your provider.
  2. Position You As The Expert – content marketing can quickly position you as an expert in your industry.  By creating non-biased resources to help people make buying decisions based on their needs you earn trust and recognition.  Trust and recognition is invaluable, the kind of intangible value the best marketing firms provide.
  3. Make You Relevant – hiring a firm for SEO alone is a terrible business decision in my opinion.  However earning your way to the top of search engines for the right set of keywords helps potential clients discover your offering just when they’re most interested.
  4. Aid Your Sales Staff – inbound lead generation is one of the most tangible and valuable assets a well-executed marketing campaign can provide.  The rise of internet has bred a new way to purchase, allowing interested visitors to do all of their research before they reach out.  Providing this information properly helps you capture warm leads your sales staff will eat up.
  5. Build Your Library – an oft overlooked benefit of content development is the library of resources you’ll build over time.  Having client case studies, whitepapers, and cost-savings calculators on hand will be just as useful for you as they will be for your sales and support staff.
  6. Tell Your Story – the internet loves a good story, if you have one to tell the best place to position it is online.  Articulating who you are, what problem you help solve, and why your solution is valuable is best left to a marketing firm that has taken the time to do their homework and have truly partnered with your organization.
  7. Communicate Better – whether you’re looking for a periodical newsletter, press release, or timely email to your clients Denver marketing firms have the tools and resources to craft your message and direct it to properly segmented lists based on the targeted buyer personas.
  8. Build A Tribe – the best customer is the customer that can’t wait to tell all their friends about you.  One delighted client can ‘sneeze’ your message to at least ten others, illustrated the value of building your tribe of fanatics.  Community comes in many forms, the digital community can grow quickly and spread your message globally in minutes.

Your mind is blown, I know.  You never thought of these advantages and opportunities, now you may realize you’re a loaf or two of bread short at the moment.  If you think your business could benefit from this kind of mind-blowing results, I suggest you get to work.  Take a close look at a few of the teams you think fit best with your culture, attitude, and needs and see what they can do for you.  Spend some time with the one you choose to align voice and strategy, then turn them loose.  Let them make a difference for your organization.

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