A HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency's Take on HubSpot Marketing Pricing

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I had no business, no clients or contacts and no idea what I was getting myself into. Before being an employee at Revenue River, I had a free account with Hubspot, but the only reason for this account was educational purposes. I didn’t actually know that Hubspot allows you to track contacts, create content, analyze data, automate posts or emails…. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Below is a brief overview of the services Hubspot provides in each available subscription.

HubSpot Marketing - Free

The free training videos in Hubspot Academy are helpful, but the main reason to sign up at the free level is to have the ability to capture, track and convert leads...and it’s free, so why not? Think of the free account functioning like a planner. Though the planners from PaperSource are amazing and look cool, there’s no way anyone starting up a business could stay organized. Having the free level with Hubspot provides a digital contact management tool that lets you manage contacts, see contact and company activity, use basic forms for capturing info and analyze progress through the basic dashboard.

The planning features in this free level are great for monitoring productivity and organizing contacts, but it doesn’t actually give you the tools to create content and be productive with promotional efforts.

HubSpot Marketing - Starter

The ‘Starter' level with Hubspot Marketing Products is perfect for those who want to learn more about their qualified leads and customers. You do this through customizing forms to gain specific information about your leads. The biggest difference between the free level and starter level in Marketing Products is the ability to customize your forms. This means adding helpful info-catching questions to learn about essential demographics like age, job title, daily challenges, city, and really anything you think would be helpful to know.  

You will get some personal control with this product level. Getting detailed information about your leads means you can modify your content for their problems and desires. Having this efficient marketing tool is $50/month. But unfortunately, content creation tools are not a part of the Starter level. They’re saved for the professionals in the room, hence, the Professional Level with Hubspot.

HubSpot Marketing - Professional

Welcome to becoming a professional! When you’re ready to have tools for content creation, this level is for you.

The marketing products offered in the Professional level in Hubspot overflow with content tools for your business to truly grow. Now, I'm biased since Revenue River functions off of the marketing tools from the professional level and I LOVE using them. Revenue River is a Diamond Agency with Hubspot which means using the Marketing Tools we get in the Professional Level must be working for our clients. But don’t take my word for it; read up on our work and learn more about what we're working on...and what inbound marketing is all about!

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Because there are so many tools in this level, the price jumps to $800/month. This level is an investment to make once you have a marketing team to actually take advantage of it (Learn how Revenue River Marketing Agency finds the right employees to get the job done!). Not to mention, when you sign up for Hubspot Professional or Enterprise, there’s an onboarding fee of $3000 and $5000. 

Pro tip: This fee is waived when you start a Hubspot account through Revenue River Marketing or other HubSpot partner agencies… we’ll help you save some money in addition to pumping out some fast-paced, high-quality results.

Some of the marketing tools included with the Professional level are the social media suite, email marketing, marketing automation, smart content, content creation tools for blogs and landing pages, email copy…the list goes on! What does it mean for your business to have these tools at your fingertips?

Email Marketing in HubSpot

With Email Marketing, your business can save email templates, use predetermined templates, personalize specific aspects for a more conversational approach and send to specific contact lists. You'll be able to track open rates, click rates and more data regarding the performance of the email. You can add personalization through multiple points of the email to make your readers feel special. 

Content Marketing in HubSpot

With the Content Creation Tools, a whole new world has opened up for your leads to enjoy your amazing content. Being able to create blogs, landing pages, web pages and CTAs are all examples of what this marketing tool can do for you! Write, edit, and publish, all from the content tools page. Not only can you create and manage content, you can also analyze the performance of each piece. Evaluate how your content is performing with data on the top performing pieces, compare progress on your campaign to look at different months and other custom ranges, and get a solid understanding of your website's click-through rate and conversions.

Marketing Automation in HubSpot

With Marketing Automation, every Marketing team out there will be thanking you for all the time they’re saving not having to do repetitive tasks each week. Decide and enter your schedule once and then get back to creating content rather than having to post that content to keep up your consistency.

Social Media Marketing in HubSpot

With the Social Media Suite, you’ll be able to promote that amazing content just waiting to be found. This tool is one of the biggest benefits in having the Profession level. Your Marketing team can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to create greater engagement and awareness about your brand. You’ll be able to track the number of followers in one place and see how each of your published pieces are performing based on engagement (followers, likes, shares) and specific platforms.

HubSpot Marketing - Enterprise

Now, let’s say your business is flooding with leads, you have multiple domains and more contacts than you knew possible. Every entrepreneur's dream, right? This is when you need the Enterprise account. It provides predictive lead scoring which helps you prioritize which leads are most qualified to become customers along with contact reporting and event-based segmentation to power up your marketing with data. Why is it a good investment for you to pay a starting price of $2400/month? Because you'll be able to see exactly which marketing efforts are increasing revenue. 

Use the results to guide your team's focus in regards to content creation, promoting that content and "find out which content is most valuable for driving leads, customers, or any other conversion in your funnel." If you’re currently using the marketing tools in the professional level, but are paying an arm and a leg for the number of contacts you have, check to see if your monthly price is close to the enterprise base price. You’ll get more for your money because you’ll be getting more tools to help you manage all those contacts. 

So where's your business at? 

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So ask yourself, are you looking for an education? Get a free Hubspot account to take the plunge and, at the very least, take some of the educational courses in HubSpot's knowledge base.

You'll see how essential digital marketing is for your business, and will learn how to track how your business is performing in the modern age, rather than writing it all down on sticky notes that lose their stickiness. 

No matter if you’re a soloprenuer beginning to open the door to managing a marketing team in someone’s basement, or if you're a Fortune 500 company, HubSpot has products for you. 

The starter level will give you the ability to grow, the professional level will help you grow quicker, and an enterprise level account will give you more tools and efficiencies to help you work smarter. 

Have questions? Revenue River is waiting for you here! Contact our team and we'll point you to the right HubSpot product for your organization's needs.

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