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How to Write Effective B2C Email Campaigns

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You may have heard that email marketing is dead. You heard wrong! Email is still a very effective way to build and nurture a fanbase, but with Google and other email providers changing the way users see their inboxes, it can be more challenging to get your content and promotions in front of your subscribers. Especially when you are writing business-to-customer emails, spam is not the name of the game. You need powerful content that your fans want and timely promotions that will bring them value. Denver marketing firms like ours know how email marketing is done, so if you aren't using the same strategy, you'll get left behind!


So you've got a list of people who've filled out a form on your website, or made a purchase online, and you're ready to start some email campaigns to nurture them and bring them back to purchase again. What do you need to have to reach people and get quality views and clicks? Here are the three major elements that will make or break your next email campaign.


1. Write a killer subject line

Much like your blogs, it doesn't matter how awesome or how great your content is if nobody will click and read it! You need an enticing subject line that grabs the viewer's attention and clearly explains the value of your email. Think about the emails you read: most of them probably have interesting headlines and get you interested right away. If you've written emails before and have a really poor open rate, an improved subject line can make a huge difference!


2. Have a clear call to action

Whether you're sharing a blog post, an eBook download, or a special coupon code, you need to give your readers something to do now that they've clicked on your email. Open rates are great, but if you have a really low click-through rate, then they aren't following through on the email content. A strong call to action denver marketing firmstells the reader to "buy now" or "get your free download today" and instructs them on next steps to proceed back to your website, where your natural sales funnel can take over and guide them towards the purchases they want. You don't need to have a full creative staff like Denver marketing firms to build a process that points your readers in the direction you want them to go.


3. Email the right people at the right time

Relevancy is really important these days, and while "real time" marketing is a hot topic thanks to Twitter, "right time" marketing is even better. Reach your fans with the right offer at the right time, and they'll come running. If you're selling winter gloves in July, it's less likely they'll be interested. This is why it's so important to segment your lists whenever possible. Some of your list might be interested in data backup services, others might want cloud IT support, and the more you can segment your list, the better you can do to target what your customers want and give them content that appeals to them.


Looking for the best email client? I strongly recommend Mailchimp. Through their service you can upload and manage all your email lists and segments, create custom emails that look amazing, and monitor all the interaction so you can continue to improve. They have a variety of payment levels that can meet your needs and grow as you grow. There's simply no better place to manage your email campaigns and maximize your effectiveness.


If you are searching for Denver marketing firms that can really get your email campaigns off the ground, look no further than Revenue River. Whether you are looking for content, email, or social media marketing, we have the comprehensive range of services that will revolutionize how you market online.