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Organize Killer Inbound Marketing Content with an Editorial Calendar

If you've spent any time on our blog, you've probably figured out that we talk a lot about blogging. It's as important for you business as putting shoes on before you leave the house. And when it comes to Inbound Marketing, it's a no-brainer.  

Something you may not know is that when you write a blog article and publish it on your site, you're adding an indexed page to your site as well. That is why it's important to make sure you've added all your meta data and keywords properly. 


Here are some FACTS for you coming from Hubspot's Marketing Benchmarks From 7000+ Businesses: 

B2B companies that blog only 1-2x/month generate 70% more leads than those who don't blog.

Companies that increase blogging from 3-5x/month to 6-8x/month almost double their leads.

Companies that blog 15 or more times per month get 5x more traffic than companies that don't. 

It tends to be the smallest businesses (1-10 employees) that see the biggest gains in traffic when they post more articles.

An average company will see a 45% growth in traffic when increasing total blog articles from 11-20 to 21-50 articles.

B2C companies see a 59% increase in traffic after growing total blog articles from 100 to 200 total. 

The average company with 100 or more total blog articles is more likely to experience continued lead growth

Companies with over 200 blog articles have >5x the leads than those with 10 or fewer.


Blogging is essential, agree? Now that we've beat into your head how important blogging is for your business, we want to share a couple tools with you that was shared with us when we started blogging years ago.

The Blog Editorial Calendar Template was designed for the person who has great ideas for blogging but needs a way to organize them. Or maybe you have more than one person blogging for your brand and want to make sure you are all on the same page with who's writing what and when is it getting published. 

Another great place to start is with the How to Master the Art & Science of Blogging. This eBook written by Eric Pratt is how we blog every day and drive serious traffic. An easy read and a great step by step on the essential aspects of blogging.