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An Inside Look at a Certified Inbound Marketing Team

Inbound marketing and Internet marketing are things every business is looking at as a way to expose their brand to new audiences while nurturing potential and current customers to become brand loyal. Prior to beginning your online efforts, one must think of the process of creating compelling content to drive traffic to your site and utilizing the tools to nurture leads;Denver Marketing Firm therefore, the sales process, the execution and close of new business, and analytics such as what worked and what didn't, are all things to iron out.

As we build our agency, we referred to resources like the book, The Marketing Agency Blueprint, by Paul Roetzer. Roetzer, co-founder of Hubspot, talks about “The Emerging Marketing Agency Ecosystem” in which he defines the different types of agencies that have formulated as the needs and wants of clientele have increased. Based on this model, Revenue River Marketing is considered a Disruptor agency. We go against the grain, get our talent young and moldable, and kick some ass for our clients. We believe our higher purpose in the business world is to continuously push the envelope and surpass those that came before us. We're creating and molding a team of people who want to be different. A team who will almost always take the path less traveled to bring new fresh ideas to fruition. 

Here are some main factors that contribute to a stellar inbound marketing agency and the folks that can perform each of the specialized tactics contributing to a successful campaign. 

It starts with a visionary. Someone who sees the potential of his company and team and strives to be the industry expert. It starts with the need for something new and something that's going to get people's attention in a way that is non-intrusive. It all starts with leadership & drive. Eric Pratt, managing partner of Revenue River has had this vision for quite some time now. He wanted to create an aggresive team to disrupt the masses and become the industry expert. His experiences with national sales & account management and centered his leadership style on the principles of the late Stephen R. Covey to "begin with the end in mind." Discovering what each business owner or operator is hoping to accomplish with an inbound marketing campaign is the first step. Eric then aligns his team of experts around those goals and is the leading force in reaching and exceeding client expectations. 

This is where I come in. The majority of my experience comes from integrated online strategies and account management. With combined background experiences in sales and Internet marketing, my role is generally assisting Eric in the client on-boarding process and carrying out creative strategies for social media, email marketing, and paid search. I too, follow Eric's lead on “beginning with the end in mind” and gear every promotion and email towards that end goal. I assist in carrying out and executing on a number of key components required to run a stellar Internet marketing campaign. 

To meet the growing demand for fresh new content, not only for our own efforts of growing but for our clients as well, we've added a new team member with ample experience in content creation and web management. Nathan Miller (a.k.a. DJ Snakk), is quite versatile as it pertains to creating engaging and valuable content. Whether he is re-writing web page content to implement a keyword strategy or writing copy for an inbound marketing eBook, Nathan takes the ball and runs with it. With a background in social media marketing and blog sites like We Blog the World, Nathan has quickly become an essential part of our team and exceptional resource for our clients. 

This brings me to the caboose of the Revenue River steam engine, Marc the Intern. Don't let the title fool you, Marc Hershberger has quickly earned his right of passage with some of Revenue River Marketing's most shared blog posts. Marc infuses his right brain activity with the creativity of social media promotions and community management. Herschburglar, as I like to call him, monitors and engages with our online community each and every day. Executing on all editorial calendars and viral campaigns are part of his daily activity, as well as spending time each week researching and analyzing new tools and resources available on the web and working them into our inbound marketing efforts.

We have a number of backend support team members with varying technical and creative backgrounds that assist us in executing on the strategy we put in front of them. We are firm believers in creating an agency with world-class talent and have the best creative and technical minds around the globe. Come and test us. Let us show you how we can raise the flow of profits for your business.