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How Inbound Marketing Made Me A Believer

denver marketingWhen I was in college and heard people talking about their marketing classes, I couldn't help but be annoyed. For me, marketing meant direct mail and pop-ups, stuff I had no interest in or use for. With the rapid pace of change in advertising and marketing, I figured everything they were learning would be useless in a couple years anyway. Marketing never seemed to have the creative spirit that advertising did, even if they often served a similar purpose, so I just never cared about standard marketing strategies. The advent of social media was what really caught my eye, meeting users where they were already actively discussing products, companies, and industries. So I primarily focused on learning social media and advertising, and ignored "traditional" marketing for the most part.


When I came to interview at Revenue River, I had no idea what the term "inbound marketing" meant, but if it was going to be part of my job, then I wanted to learn more and understand what it is and how it works. What I found completely changed my views on marketing and how it applies to the digital age. Inbound marketing is largely driven by content, finding ways through search engine optimization to bring visitors to web pages and convert them with great content, offers, and services. Gone are the annoying pop-ups and spam mail, replaced by marketing meant to bring people to your site who actually want to be there, and have a real and immediate interest in your product or services. Sounded pretty good to me.


The more I've learned about inbound marketing while working at Revenue River, the more it has become apparent how all the different factors work together. By creating great content on your site, like blogs and ebooks, you make yourself a credible resource, all while catching the eye of search engines. The more you optimize your website for SEO purposes, the easier it will be for visitors to find your page, and the more likely they will be to contact you, or fill out a form to receive a free trial, ebook, or some other offer. Once you have their information, you can cultivate the relationship through emails and other offers, which will ultimately lead to clients and customers.



Nowhere is the success of inbound more obvious than with Revenue River itself. We are a case study by ourselves, proving how you can grow and gain influence, exposure, and clients, just by adopting these simple inbound marketing principles into everything you do. Don't believe me? See how inbound marketing is working for us right now! marketing denver


A few years ago, just the word "marketing" was annoying to me, filled with negative and uncreative connotations. It still can be, when it isn't used right. But the frequent evolution of advertising and marketing online means that only the most effective forms of reaching customers will survive, and inbound marketing has proven it is effective and adaptive, applicable to businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you're interested in seeing more about how inbound marketing works, and how it can apply to you, check out our ebook, or contact us at Revenue River and get a free consultation about what we can do for you!



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