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The Great Revenue River Brew Tour- Breckenridge Brewery

So it’s been a while since our last tour, due partially to the fact that I (the self-appointed bus driver for the brew tour) had been away from work on my college graduation trip (patting myself on the back AND giving away my youthful age, oh yeah!) and things getting increasingly busy and exciting here at Revenue River!  Worry not fellow beer lovers!  I’m back in town, settled in and ready to take you to the next stop on the Great Revenue River Brew Tour!  If you’re joining us for the first time on our tour, here’s what you should know…

Denver Marketing, Social Media Marketing Denver, Inbound MarketingBeing a Denver marketing firm isn’t easy.  With so many other great companies out there, differentiating yourself can be quite stressful.  We like to deal with the stress of being the “disruptive” agency in the group by enjoying a nice Colorado craft brew every once in a while!  It wasn’t long until we began to realize the almost scary similarities between the breweries that we were supporting and our little marketing agency and its techniques.  We both enjoy beer (duh), both love challenging the status quo and both utilize various inbound marketing techniques to reach our customers!  After a more in depth analysis of their marketing tactics, it would seem these Colorado craft brewers were our long lost brother and sister companies!  Utilizing social media to connect with and create loyal fan-bases, implementing new and creative ways to market their products and stepping up their games with easy to use and aesthetically pleasing websites are just a few ways these brewmeisters have found their way into our hearts!

For our last stop we ventured up into the mountains to visit Ska Brewing Company and saw how their high altitude marketing tactics was taking them places!  We’ve decided that we love both mountain and Denver marketing so much that we’ve found a perfect middle ground for this week’s installment of the Great Revenue River Brew Tour:

Breckenridge Brewery- The StatsDenver Marketing, Social Media Marketing Denver, Inbound Marketing

Location: Headquartered just outside downtown Denver with 4 other Brew Pubs around the state

Brewing Since: A product of 1990!

Author’s Favorite Brew: The best-seller: Avalanche Ale

With nearly half a dozen locations across the state and an exciting new facility on the way (just around the corner from the Revenue River offices, I might add!) Breckenridge Brewery is sitting pretty in the craft brewing world.  If their great tasting beer wasn’t evidence enough as to why they’ve been so successful, just take a look at their various efforts online and within the Denver marketing scene for confirmation!  An attention to detail on their social media efforts along with outside-the-box co-branding ventures is what sets this ski-bum-turned-savvy-businessman brewery apart from the competition

  • Social Media Details- Social media sites have come a long way when it comes to being able to customize your business’ profile page.  What once was a cookie-cutter-riddled playing field has turned into a highly customizable and artistic battle zone for the user’s attention.  If this was a battle for social media marketing in Denver, consider Breckenridge Brewery a general!  Their Facebook cover photos change often, detailing different aspects of the brewery’s business during those times while their Twitter background and photos are unique and highly customized, allowing for pleasant visits for all that land on the page.  This attention to detail not only makes the page viewer’s visit that much more enjoyable, it also establishes credibility.
    • Not only are their social media sites visually appealing, but they also follow many best practices that we here at Revenue River preach!  Breck Brew’s Facebook page is impressive, with posts coming at you daily, sharing not only their content but their fans’ posts as well as others’ within the industry and are almost always in picture form!  Put all this together and you have an extremely impressive Facebook page, so good job guys!
    • Sadly, Breck’s Twitter presence does not meet the high standard set by its Facebook page.  One major suggestion from us would be for them to personalize their tweets instead of auto-posting directly from Facebook.

Denver Marketing, Social Media Marketing Denver, Inbound Marketing

  • Local Co-Branding- Many craft brewers are trying to extend their brands beyond just beers by way of t-shirts, mugs and water bottles.  Breckenridge takes it further with their Topo Urban Outdoor Pack, a co-branded venture with a local apparel designer.  Now every Breck Brew fan can not only sport their favorite brewer on their chest and drink ware, but also on their back (for quite a hefty price, I might add)!  But their co-branding awesome-ness doesn’t stop their!  A while back, Denver Comic Con took over the city’s convention center, and who do you think supplied those nerds (I can say that, my brother’s one and I still love him) with their very own DCC beer?  If you said Breckenridge Brewery, then you are correct!  In collaboration with the folks at the Denver Comic Con, Breck Brew satisfied their patron’s thirst with the Caped Brewsader, a fruity Belgian Wit.  This kind of creativity absolutely blows us away here at Revenue River and we take our hats off to these guys!

Life is good for Breckenridge Brewery, and after looking at just a few aspects of their very diverse and creative Denver marketing activities, it’s pretty easy to see why.  We’ve already written about the Colorado craft brewing golden boys at New Belgium, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Breck Brew make up some serious ground over the next few years with their forward thinking ideas and smart growth strategy.  You can follow Breckenridge Brewery on Twitter here and like them on Facebook here to get all the updates you could ever want from these guys!


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