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Why LinkedIn is Exploding, And How To Take Advantage

social media marketing DenverLinkedIn is one of the hottest and fastest growing social media platforms in the world.  They're simply exploding.  There's so much talk about Facebook and Twitter in today's social media discussion it's easy for LinkedIn to fall to a distance third or fourth place on the priority list.  I'm here to tell you that you need to be all over LinkedIn in like fur on a cat. 

Have you seen their recent financial reporting?  published a great article on August 1st, here's an excerpt from her article on Marketing Land:

Today, LinkedIn released its financial results for last quarter, showing the company had earned $363.7 million in revenue during the second quarter of 2013, an increase of 59 percent compared to 2Q 2012.
LinkedIn’s 2013 second quarter revenue earnings were split between the following three product segments:
  • Talent Solutions accounted for 56 percent of second quarter revenue, earning $205.1 million.
  • Marketing Solutions accounted for 24 percent, generating $85.6 million.
  • And, Premium Subscriptions accounted for 20 percent, totaling $73 million.
“Accelerated member growth and strong engagement drove record operating and financial results in the second quarter,” said LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.
Beyond revenue, LinkedIn saw a membership growth of 37 percent year-over-year. Now with more than 238 million members, last quarters increase was the first membership growth acceleration LinkedIn has experienced since the third quarter of 2011.

Some pretty explosive growth, by any measurement.  So why is LinkedIn finding so much success of late?  They seem to be building steam and more and more business professionals are taking notice.  They're taking notice because that's where their peers are, pure and simple.

The problem with Twitter and Facebook for business professionals is often the fan base demographics, this isn't the case on LinkedIn.


social media marketing Denver
*Source: LinkedIn


As you can see, the number of 25-54 year olds is tremendously strong in comparison to the less applicable business targeting age groups.  While you find a heavy skew to the younger demographics on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn features all of the 'right people' you're most likely trying to target with your messaging.  This makes LinkedIn instantly attractive to most marketers, business owners, and sales personnel.  Yes, there's a heavy job-hunting aspect to the site, but that's not the only value it has contrary to many beliefs. 


To take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer, follow these three steps


Step 1:  Connect!

The value of building a large and relevant network of connections cannot be overlooked.  In order to reach the people you'd like to engage with you have to make new connections.  One important thing to realize is simply this:  YOU NEVER KNOW!  You never know who you the people you know are connected with.  You never know who your friends, colleagues, industry partners, and former classmates know and might be able to connect you with. 

Send invitations to people you find interesting, especially those you believe to be influencial and resourceful.  Include a personalized note if you can, noting the things you may have in common or the experiences they have that interest you. 

Step 2:  Share!

One of the central themes to social media marketing participation is to provide value.  Don't be a taker all the time, be a giver too.  Write a great blog article or eBook that helps others evaluate a service or technology.  Share it with your network and ask for their feedback.  Share other articles you find on blogs and websites on LinkedIn too, chances are if you find something interesting your connections will too.

Step 3:  Participate!

You're not just taking, remember?  Get involved with your connections.  Join relevant Groups and Company pages, and monitor their activity.  Take the time to review your connection's posts, offering insight, support, and perspective whenever you're able.  You have to give to get, and you'll find that the more you interact with your connection's activity the more they'll interact with your content. 

Spend a few minutes a day on LinkedIn following these social media marketing success steps.  In a month's time you'll see the benefits taking effect.  Your circle of influence will grow.  Your credibility will grow.  Your network and reach will grow.  Your digital business will grow

All this for a few minutes a day?  Yep.  Do it.  You're welcome. 


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