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The 4 Types of Offers You Should Be Creating

Nothing shows your worth more to a prospective client or customer in the information gathering process than a useful offer of some kind.  Giving skeptical readers an example of the quality of work you provide while also showcasing your knowledge and results helps immensely when it comes to distancing yourself from your Denver inbound marketing firm competitors.  So what are some ways that you can grab the attention of your leads and show them that you have what it takes?  Here are a few:


Before diving too far into the different offers you can provide to attract the attention of potential leads, I would first like to point out that any of these offers will only be successful if they are relevant to your target audience.  How do you do that?  By creating and basing your decisions off of buyer personas of course!  Make sure you’re taking the time to understand who you want to attract with your offers, what their problems and pain points are how you can best solve those for them through your content creation.  Once you’ve done that, it’s just a matter of figuring out how you’ll format your creation!

eBooks and Guides

The usefulness of eBooks is vast.  A well-developed eBook is a great way to fully educate your readers on specific and possibly advanced topics while showcasing your design and formatting abilities.  This is also one of the easiest offers to create since it’s essentially a long essay broken up into chapters with illustrations.  Utilize eBooks for top of the funnel (TOFU) offers in an attempt to educate your readers on a specific topic and provide useful information that can later be elaborated on with the help of different middle of the funnel (MOFU) offers down the road.

Case Studies

Nothing helps explain a subject easier than by putting it in a real world situation.  Case studies are a great way to ensure that your leads understand how a process works by providing an actual success story of yours as the example.  Be sure to show how you are different from all the other inbound marketing firms out there by giving an in depth analysis of how you were able to kick start a business’ growth through a successful campaign!  Show off how awesome you are while furthering your lead’s knowledge on a certain subject with a middle of the funnel case study.


Nothing helps you stay front of mind more than providing a useful tool that your leads can use daily, weekly or monthly.  Any kind of template, whether it be a blogging template, eBook template or anything in between provides your reader with something that they can use to help them solve their problems in some way and allows you to showcase your knowledge on the subject and development abilities when it comes to the content and detail of your offer.  Make a useful and effective content creation tool and you’re sure to have leads coming back for more of your stuff.


Calculators that help readers understand where they stand as individuals or as a company when it comes to a certain situation can be extremely valuable tools.  Spending the time to map out quantifiable drivers for whatever problem that ails your target personas and figuring out ways to create a tool that can accurately measure their level of need is a great way to showcase your expertise within the field, your attention to detail and your content creation skills.  A good calculator can provide an incredible amount of value for your leads, and if good enough can become something they will eagerly share with others who they believe could benefit from your creation.

There are numerous offers out there today, and I’m quite aware that I haven’t covered all of them today but if you’re new to the game or are looking for new ideas when it comes to content creation these 4 are great places to start.  Comment below with your favorite type of offer creation and why you think it’s the best there is when it comes to providing value to the reader and your own campaign.