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'R is For Responsive Design' and Other ABC's of Inbound Marketing

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A while back, Hubspot came to us asking if we would like to contribute to a new collaboration effort offer titled The ABC’s of Inbound Marketing.  They explained to us that the premise of the offer was to provide an introductory level eBook describing all the different aspects of inbound marketing and a campaign through a familiar process in the ABC’s.  Needless to say we were flattered and quickly jumped on board with the idea, running through the alphabet wondering which letter we would be given and crossing our fingers that it wasn’t Z.  We weren’t just excited because of the obviously cool and all-encompassing topic but because we would be working with and promoted next to some of the top inbound marketing firms in the nation!  Soon enough we were given our letter and sure enough, it allowed us the perfect opportunity for us to elaborate on a topic very dear to us.  So without any further ado…

R is For Responsive Design!

Responsive design allows visitors from different types of devices to view websites effectively.  The layout and orientation of website elements shift and format for easy viewing on a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.  The images and content will shrink and tile from three columns, to two, to a singular column of content as your website automatically identifies the screen resolution of the visitor’s viewing device.

Responsive websites are critical to inbound marketing efforts as more and more traffic is coming from tablets and smart phones.  Without responsive design, calls-to-action are difficult to read and click, costing clients valuable conversion opportunities.  Great responsive design should prioritize offer display to maximize conversions of leads for all viewing devices.

As you can see, we’re very passionate about ensuring that no device is discriminated against when it comes to the appropriate web design.  Numerous studies have shown major trends toward greater smart phone and tablet use when it comes to the surfing habits of the population, so any business with a presence online must be ready to accommodate their visitors from various devices.

Want to learn the rest of the ABC’s when it comes to inbound marketing?  Follow the link below to get your very own copy for free.

+ If you’re new to inbound, use the ABC’s to learn the basics

+ If you’re a seasoned vet, go ahead and flip through the pages to get quick reminders of various inbound aspects, fresh takes on long-standing processes or just new ideas to liven up your existing campaign

No matter what level you’re at, the ABC’s have something for you.  So go ahead, I’m sure you’re wondering what they came up with for X, Y and Z!


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