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Are You Considering a HubSpot COS Website Redesign?

cos website redesign

You're ready for a new website and we're excited you might choose the HubSpot's Content Optimization System.   You're probably tired of riding the hedonic treadmill and you're looking for a site that you can build your digital marketing campaign around for years to come.  You might still be considering your options and it could be getting close to decision time.  This article should help you out as it's packed with information on what to expect, how our process works, and what results you can achieve.  Give it a read and hopefully, we'll talk soon.

Why we're so committed to the COS

We believe your website should be the foundation to your marketing and lead generation efforts.  For a website to work effectively it must be modern, dynamic, easily updated and built upon, and most importantly respond to the device that is viewing it.  At Revenue River, we believe in building websites with outstanding custom design resources and developing designs into a platform that meets the outlined needs better than any other option.  Because of this perspective, we employ a fantastic in-house design team and develop only in HubSpot’s COS.  The system provides capabilities that we believe no platform on the market can match. 

COS website redesigns require a high degree of testing and formatting from our HubSpot  COS developers to capture these capabilities and fantastic results.  Development requirements will be met for all responsive formats (Monitor, Laptop, Tablet Portrait, Tablet Landscape, and Smart Phone) across all modern browsers.  

COS website features you're going to love

Responsive Design Capabilities:

The COS allows for device recognition and responsive design across all viewing platforms.  The ability to present a professional and usable website to phone and tablet viewers greatly increases organizational perception, user experience, and conversion capabilities.  This is a critical feature for all businesses looking to compete in the current digital marketplace as around 50% of website traffic is currently coming from mobile devices.  If you're not sure if your existing website is responsive or not you should check out our responsive design tester.

Search Engine Optimization:

The SEO capabilities of the COS in conjunction with the HubSpot marketing platform are truly unique.  With real-time keyword reporting and page performance tool marketers have the ability to quickly diagnose errors and optimization opportunities.  Pages can be edited directly from the tool and the SEO-view instantly grades every element of the page and ranks optimization suggestions based on the level of impact for your campaign.

Browsing Speed Capabilities: 

The COS platform was built entirely around user experience and navigation speed is one of the main reasons visitors ‘bounce’ from sites.  Because of this potential leak in visitor retention the HubSpot COS has been built to be lightning fast, the best site hosting on the market powers COS websites.

Marketing Capabilities:

COS websites live within HubSpot’s marketing platform and are fully integrated with every tool available to software subscribers.  This allows marketers to manage the entire website in accordance to overall marketing strategy and objectives.  The result is a much more cohesive and dynamic marketing platform that grows with your marketing initiatives. I'm sure you know digital marketing strategy is our specialty and we love talking shop. We have a great analysis process that outlines holes with recommendations on how to fill them once your new site is live.  

System Editing Capabilities:

Unlike Content Management Systems (CMS) the COS is built to allow 100% site access through its editing platform.  The-What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) framework allows for extremely common sense content and image updates.  FTP and cPanel access are not necessary for certain changes, everything is inclusive and intuitive to access and manage.  Web edits become easier, faster, and cheaper on the COS platform.

Personalization Capabilities:

The COS allows the ability to personalize the content each visitor encounters based on past marketing events and lifecycle designations.  SMART content can be access across multiple page elements and be tailored for a number of contact fields.  The ability to display intelligent graphics and content based on lead intelligence improves customer experience and furthers the nurturing process much more effectively than websites without this capability.

Understanding our iterative design process

With a toolset so robust you're in good shape before we begin our strategic design process.  This process is our way of ensuring that your website looks as good as it functions.  

  • Step 1 - Wireframing
  • Step 2 - Creative Design
  • Step 3 - Iteration & Revisions
  • Step 4 - Rinse & Repeat Until Approved

We are completely committed to building a design you love without letting you misstep.  We'll be sure to educate you on best practice applications, provide data-driven analysis and suggestions, and bring your inspiration to life.  We firmly believe that you're hiring us to be experts if you're not there are definitely cheaper options in the marketplace.  Our goal is to blend your intellectual property and inspired design ideas with the design abilities of our award-winning graphic design twins.  We promise the sum of the whole will be website greatness and our process is built to ensure it.

Understanding our development capabilities

With your custom website design files taking shape you'll want to consider functionality. Page by page, element by element, you'll have some options for how you want your site to function when it's being viewed. It's these animations through custom coding that will take your website design to the next level.  Here are a few live demos of jquery animation files that we can implement on your new website:

Once each custom template is built to the specifications provided, each graphical asset is peeled out of the file and applied to the individual modules.  CSS code is then custom-created to ensure each element responds properly to the window that views it.  We take the time to go over every page for every responsive view so the user experiences are optimized for every possible viewer.  

Check out our most award-winning design, The Chopping Block

the Chopping Block's award winning COS website

Some highlights from The Chopping Block's COS website redesign

  •  The site was chosen to be featured on HubSpot's Inspire board
  •  It was awarded the Best COS Success Story by HubSpot in September 2015
  •  HubSpot featured the project on their website as a case study on COS design and development
  •  We wrote an article detailing the tremendous success the site has experienced after launching
  •  The site has been nominated for additional awards including COS web design of the year

Meet the team that will guide you through your project

Meet Mike Del Cuore, our Project Manager

Mike has over 8 years of experience conceptualizing and developing creative deliverables specific to client business objectives. He loves the creative process and use of industry-leading software and maintains ongoing knowledge of product advancement.

He consistently applies Certified Inbound Marketing practices and is responsible for all aspects of client marketing strategy. Executing project management and client interaction while coordinating with third party vendors, he is entrusted with the ultimate outcome of corporate marketing success.


Kate AhokasMeet Kate Ahokas, our Lead Graphic Designer

With nearly 15 years of experience in the field of design, and a background in Science, Tech, and Literature, Kate has a wide gamut of interests that is complimented by her love for art and design.

She has had a unique opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds, and Revenue River is no exception. As a designer, she's always trying to learn new styles, techniques, and tools that are constantly evolving, and to find ways to always improve.

view Kate's profile


Michelle VillalobosMeet Michelle Villalobos, our Lead HubSpot COS Developer

With nearly a decade of experience in the fields of brand/identity, print, advertising & web, her goal as Revenue River's COS developer is to have the most fun possible with each project she is granted -- the more creative she can be with a project, the better.

She strives to produce the BEST creative solutions for your web projects through best practice implementation of the designs she's provided.

view Michelle's profile


Nicole RendeMeet Nicole Rende, our Senior Search Analyst

Throughout the years, Nicole has attained many different skills that have helped her get to where she is today. She studied at the University of Denver where she received a major in digital media studies and a minor in marketing. 

She loves working at Revenue River because she gets to do all of the things that she is passionate about. Her duties include SEO, content creation, as well as web development. 

view Nicole's profile


All that's left is saying 'GO'

If you've been holding back on starting your COS website redesign I hope this article will spur you to action.  There's little to lose and so much to gain it just seems silly to wait any longer.  You're not as far away from that dynamic, conversion-ready, responsive, beautiful website your company deserves.  Let's get to work!



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