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Content is King with Inbound Marketing

“Content is King”

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates said it over a decade and a half back, but that statement is still valid and acts as a rule of thumb for businesses from all over the world. Apparently, Gates was emphasizing on the significance of technology’s interactive media and its quality standard.

However, just like in the yester-years, Gate’s statement reflects the true scenario of the cut-throat competitive business world even today. It reminds us how for any marketing strategy to succeed, the target customer bases must be supplied with up-to-date and high quality content that they can access at will.

No matter which type of online marketing campaign you primarily rely upon - be it ebook or whitepaper offers, social media marketing, blogging, email marketing or something else - high quality content is a must-have for any and all of these efforts to draw the attention of the target audience and sustain it long enough for your company’s benefit. Here’s how you should go about that task:

eBooks and whitepaper offers

The content for ebook or whitepaper offers should be based on what value the service or good you're offering represents the target market.  It's not as much about all of the great stuff you can do and all of your services as much as it's about the benefit your industry presents.  You're trying to show people what a great benefit your product represents in general first, then why you specifically are a good solution second.  Remember, inbound marketing is about providing value to web visitors first, marketing to them second.  Give them something of value and then give them more.  Earn their trust and earn their business. 

Blog posts

Blogging has surfaced as one of the primary tools at the disposal of today’s online marketers. To reap the maximum out of blogging as a marketing tool, make sure that the content is frequently updated, written on a personal tone (which helps readers to connect better) and interactive in nature (readers can leave their feedback or opinion in the comment section and also can directly communicate with the author).

Blogging is cost effective compared to most other marketing approaches and usually acts as perfect platform to host backlinks to one’s official business site and its landing pages with call-to-action buttons. Overall blogging is a highly effective inbound marketing strategy that every small or large scale business out there should excel for easier accomplishment of their business objectives.

Web content

Your business website forms the backbone of your online presence, and therefore it is really important that you bless it with a professional look and then back that look with high quality, relevant content that help you boost your conversion rate. Make a point to split your content into several segment or web pages as per requirements. Use bold letters to highlight the important content, but avoid using multi colors on the same webpages. Also, for better results, you can add relevant and quality videos, images or other media files to demonstrate your product, services or business model. Whenever required, hire a professional Inbound Marketing firm with good grip over online marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has emerged as the most popular Web 2.0  marketing platform for businesses all around the world. It’s cheaper, interactive in nature and boasts the ability to reach out to a much larger audience. While picking content for social media marketing, always ensure that you come up with a short and interesting post with relevance to what you deal in. Occasional deviation from that trend is fine, but posting too much irrelevant content too often may lead to your audience taking you less seriously. Luckily for you, there are plenty of excellent social media marketing services to help you come up with your own comprehensive social media marketing plan.