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Digital Marketing Strategy - Brand Yourself!

Denver marketing firmsIt's a digital world we live in today, no doubt.  You've read plenty of those articles, that isn't what this one is about.  This article is tailored more for those of you looking to take advantage of the online world.  Whether you're a college kid looking for an internship, a salesperson looking to make more sales, or a business owner hoping to extend your reach branding yourself online has never been more important. 

It's never been as easy to brand yourself either, we now have the ability to be our own marketing firms.  We can do our own PR.  We can build our networks across the globe with LinkedIn and Twitter.  We can gather information in real time today and react tomorrow with strategies implemented with fresh new ideas.  The world is moving fast, but are you?

Because marketing is an everyday job for our Denver branding firm we're on multiple platforms multiple times per day.  We're in it up to our necks full time.  You probably don't have that luxury but that doesn't mean you can build your brand. Like almost anything, it takes a time commitment but the investment can be flexible and the rewards bountiful.

That really only leaves the ‘how’ and that’s what we’re trying to help you with.  Obviously the more you put into it the more you’ll get out of it, but when the art meets the science you’ll quickly understand the power of digital branding.  By following these simple tips and devoting a few minutes per day to staying on top of your community you’ll quickly see results. 

Digital Branding on LinkedIn

I’m starting with LinkedIn because I believe it’s the most powerful social media tool on the market today.  The quality and relevance of your community is far greater than any other platform, assuming you’ve been building good connections. The demographics also prove this out, the median age, wealth, and education of LinkedIn members is more favorable for business success than the other social giants Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

branding on LinkedIn
*courtesy of:  Amodiovalerio Verde

So get to work.  Complete your profile 100%, yes you need a picture!  After you’ve completed your profile review it on a smartphone app and on your computer.  You’ll no doubt want to make some changes to the layout and verbiage based on this review, don’t forget.  If you own a business or work at a company without a group page and company page you should get those started too and invite your employees and industry contacts. 

Then you need to start building your network, the part that too many members don’t do effectively.  You have to work LinkedIn for it to be an effective marketing tool.  Like any good promotional campaign manager will tell you, without the audience and reach no promo can truly be effective. 

4 tips to build your connections faster

  1. Go through every business card you have and enter in search
  2. Search your mail contacts in LinkedIn
  3. Make a habit of connecting as part of your post meeting follow up
  4. Work the 'People You May Know' page

None of this is hard and none of this has to take away from your current responsibilities.  For a few minutes in the morning or evening you can build your community.  The important part is what you do with that community once it’s built. 

Your digital community needs engagement, it needs participation, and it needs authenticity.  This applies to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, and Digg alike, if you’re going to play you have to participate.  Respond to good articles you read, subscribe to our blog and others, share content with likes, retweets, and reposts.  Ask questions, create and share valuable content about the things you know about.  Be an expert at what you do and share your knowledge.  People who want to learn will find you, and they will appreciate your efforts and return the sharing.

Digital Branding on Twitter

branding on TwitterI’m ranking Twitter as the 2nd most important social media platform for business purposes.  Twitter gets this ranking because of it’s fantastic ability to drive website conversions through the viral spreading of messages.  Twitter is a non-stop newsfeed with constant noise and buzz, spider webbing out over 500 million followers.  If you something to say, share, or show you should probably be using Twitter to get your message out. 

  • Build your profile, personal and business if applicable.
  • Follow people and companies that are influential in your areas of interest.
  • Engage!  Reply to tweets, retweet to your followers, ‘favorite’ interesting content.
  • Distribute your message.  Blog articles are perfect, deals are ok, free and coupons get a lot of pull.  Quotes are very popular, as are bold calls to action. 

The same principles of engagement apply to your Twitter community, with a slightly different art.  You have to massage your mediums and master the art of effectiveness. This will come with time, watch another Denver marketing company and compare their efforts to ours.  You’ll learn something from everyone and you can apply it instantly!

That’s all for today, long article and there are other tools to master.  Start with these two and we’ll review other social media services and platforms in another article. 

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