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Focus your inbound marketing efforts

The Key To Your Marketing Efforts Is Effective Campaign Management

The most common mistake we see in campaigns we take over is misdirected activity.  Many companies set out to launch an inbound marketing campaign and don’t connect the dots properly.  The result is a bunch of scattered assets and campaign elements that don’t feed each other properly.

Campaigns need to be managed with vision and strategy towards goals developed during the onboarding process.  With an annual campaign timeline in place we organize mini campaigns that focus on specific conversion goals, all feeding to the campaign SMART goals.  This structure organizes all efforts and provides the structure for all meetings and reporting we’ll provide within a campaign.


Building An Effective Blog Campaign Will Help You Share Ideas & Information

Your blog should be a primary source of new site traffic and eventually make up at least ½ of your monthly traffic. To build a successful blog that contributes to campaign goals we’ll need to write about the topics your target personas want to read about and focus your titles toward search engine strategy. We recommend focusing your titles and topics on your positioning documents & SEO strategy to ensure maximum effectiveness and dividing your articles across several different styles of articles.

Evergreen Blog Articles

This is the most common type of blog article.  These articles are fairly simple in nature, generally shorter, and provide some at-a-glance value to readers with their layout and format.  We use this style of article to briefly promote premium content (including a CTA for next steps in their education), list benefits and steps for your personas in their buyer’s journey, and offer easy how-to instruction for improving their pains related to your solutions.

Expert-Interview Blog Articles

You likely have a couple of team members that are absolute experts in their field.  The probably don’t have the time or desire to write blog articles either.  We have a process of producing high-level expert content that originates from an interview by our staff, you can implement a similar strategy.  In doing so you'll be able to extract fantastic insight from your staff in 15-30 minutes, then craft it all into a thought leadership article for your blog.

Guest-Post Articles

Articles you can write for publication on other blogs can help spread thought leadership and resources to an extended audience.  Strategic inbound links and calls-to-action within the article drive traffic back to your website.  Identifying blogs related to your industry with a strong readership and good link authority will increase the impact of your articles.


A Solid Organic Search Campaign Will Help You Get Found On Google

A good organic search presence leads to website traffic with highly relevant visitors that are looking for what you sell.  It’s best to strategically position your website to rank well for the most relevant keywords we can identify. 

Visitors that find your site through highly relevant keywords convert into leads at a higher rate than other searches and traffic sources. Targeting a list of keywords and building strategy and content towards a page-one presence should be a primary goal of your campaign.

Onsite Optimization

Using keyword research to optimize the website’s content for search, so Google can more easily determine what the page is about and rank your website for those specific keywords.

Offsite Optimization


Local Optimization

Creating local backlinks back to your website to allow your site to gain authority and in turn, help your website rank higher for local searches, like Google Maps.


Implementing An Email Marketing Campaign Will Make Everything Come Together

Email plays a critical role with inbound marketing campaigns.  It’s the communication follow up device we use for delivery of premium content offers, relevant blog articles, and news events through automated workflows.  Email is also a critical element for promotional communication within each daughter campaign we run.

For your existing email database you should start by segmenting it down into smaller lists with what you know about their roles and history. Then you can come up with a strategic targeting campaign to qualify and convert contacts further through the buying cycle.  The more you know about your contacts the more effective your marketing actions can be.  Campaigns often require further segmentation into persona-based organizational roles before you can personalize the content effectively.

Tips for Segmenting Your Contact Lists

Persona-based segmented lists must be created to properly define your contacts. Once in place you can create more targeted and appropriate messaging and offers so your emails don’t seem like spam. I’d recommend an audit of all existing contact database against goals and new personas to ensure that each has the proper place in the strategy, setup is correct, etc.

Why You Should Build Email Workflows

Through our campaign development process workflows are an essential step in the lead conversion process. This is an automated process of persona-based messaging through email. Each lead will receive a series of emails offering additional information meant to reconvert and gain additional intelligence and qualification requirements.


Premium Content Development Helps You Inform & Convert Website Traffic

The way to produce leads is to offer visitors valuable information as they seek to educate themselves before making a purchase decision. These resources should be gated behind forms on landing pages, so you can harvest contact information. Without marketing software in place, you’re missing an opportunity to convert a higher percentage of our traffic into leads. 

There are a wide variety of premium content types you should consider for your campaign.  Whitepapers, guides, eBooks, infographics, and case studies are typical outputs.  Webinars, podcasts, videos, and in-depth product demos are more interactive options for content.

Performing A Funnel Analysis and Building Offer Strategy From It

Understanding your target personas is the first step to developing offer funnels that will guide leads along the buyer’s journey.  Building content that is voiced towards each persona will increase the effectiveness of your campaign.  By implementing a 5-step nurturing sequence for all top of the funnel (TOFU) leads allows you to monitor activity and qualify further.

Build Landing Pages To Promote Your Content For Download

With marketing software in place we’ll be able to offer your premium content for download on Landing Pages. These pages are simple advertisements for the expanded premium piece for download. They have no navigation and contain only a single desired conversion. The premium content you develop is gated by this page and can only be accessed by completing a form. Once completed, visitors become leads and are redirected to a Thank You Page where they can access the content instantly and are exposed to the next offer in the sales funnel.

Design Calls To Action For Additional Promotion

Graphics that have a clear ‘call-to-action’ in them prompt visitors to click through to the Landing Pages. Once you have offers ready for visitors to download, you’ll want to advertise them on your website, in your blog, in email, socially, etc. If you want to convert leads, you have to drive traffic to the offers with very compelling graphics and copy.

Designing An Effective Social Media Campaign

The role of social media is to help you distribute your content to the places your targeted personas spend their time. It allows them to ‘discover’ your business and messaging at their leisure by using the content shared socially too. When done correctly this is an effective community building tool and traffic source for your website

Social networks are a great place to share your blog articles, messaging, industry news, and premium content pieces. You should also have the ability to share everything on your website and blog socially, including social share buttons with key pieces of content will help drive awareness.


Add Social Advertising To Improve Your Reach

It may be necessary to boost exposure through some advertising budget throughout your campaign.  Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow for highly targeted advertising with a variety of options.  We’ll advise on specific opportunities to boost results with advertising as your campaign matures.


Managing Your Leads For Sales Handover

The belief that inbound leads are the end-all goal of inbound marketing is a complete misconception.  Leads are just the starting point, they need to be managed closely as they progress through workflows and consume information & resources.  With a solid qualification and handoff procedure in place our team will monitor your leads for sales-readiness, passing only those that qualify over to your sales department.


Growth Focused Web Design For Continual Improvement

We believe that your website should never be ‘complete’.  Instead, your website should be a continual work in progress where user experience is continually tested and analyzed for new opportunities for improvement.  New content, offers, and conversion paths are continually developed into current and new web pages to improve search engine rank and user experience.  This process allows your website to grow with intelligent application of analytics.


A Paid Search Campaign Can Take Results To A New Level

Search engine advertising is another option for boosting campaign performance and exposing your brand to new audiences.  Google and other engines allow companies to pay for placement atop selected search phrases you’d like to display for, even if you don’t rank organically.  This allows you to target your competitors, specific resources, and primary services to anyone searching for related terms we want to target. 

As your campaign matures and the necessary assets are built we can explore whether or not we want to add paid search campaign strategy and budget to our inbound marketing efforts.


Now You Can Get To Work, But Don't Forget To Put First Things First

Whether you're setting out to build a digital marketing campaign for the first time or you're trying to overhaul an underperforming campaign the job is largely the same.  You have to start with the fundamentals and form a solid foundation.  Spend your time building detailed buyer profiles, developing a positioning guide to capture their voice, and build strategy around each element listed in this article.  Remember, sometimes slow is fast and if you don't sharpen the saw before you start cutting you'll waste a lot of energy.

To get you started on the right foot I recommend going through the persona excercise below.  It has instructions, examples, and templates included to make the job easy.  Give it a try, if you find yourself needing help don't be afraid to reach out for some advice.


Buyer Persona CTA

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