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The Future of Video Marketing Automation

Video Marketing Automation is in line to be the next big push in digital marketing. As discussed at INBOUND16, your content in 2017 should be at least 60% video based. That's a big percentage, and it shows the importance of including video assets into your branding and messaging to your audience.

Naturally, once companies are onboard with this shift, your strategy should go to the next level, which is where video marketing automation comes in. I have been perfecting my knowledge around video marketing and everything you need to succed for about two years now. It's an ever changing piece to the digital marketing puzzle, with so much potential. I have helped run successful webinars for clients, as well as delivered super empathetic brand building social media videos that set companies apart by letting you get to know them. All videos are unique, and everyone and their mother's want the latest and greatest video piece to be different than the rest...the problem is, we aren't genie's, we can't read the future, but we can certainly take our best guesses at what will be coming next.

I was fortunate enough to be asked by our video marketing platform partner, TwentyThree, to speak during their online Video Marketing Automation conference. If you are ready to unleash the power of video marketing, and more importantly all of the important data that you have ALWAYS wanted to gather from your multimedia audience, then stop what you are doing and get in touch with TwentyThree. They are creating the one-stop-shop for anything and everything you need to run a successful video marketing campaign with a super powerful tool. With their help, I was able to push my message on video marketing automation and where it's heading (+ why your video data is important...just watch, you will see) to a global audience.

The video marketing train is not slowing. In fact, if you have not even discussed how video can help your organization, it may be tough to jump on board. We are cultivating something special at Revenue River Marketing around multimedia marketing. If you need some advice or help getting your head wrapped around a video marketing strategy, then drop us a line!

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