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How to Launch Digital Marketing and Content Campaigns

how to launch digital marketing campaigns

The answer to the questions that brought you here is pretty simple: you have to actually launch them.

When you're in the driver's seat of your company's marketing strategy, it's a frustrating surprise that you may not always be in control. From video and sales collateral to social posts and SEO, a single marketing campaign might have a dozen or more moving parts. 

As the manager of this campaign, you're not just responsible for the final product. You're also responsible for getting this massive plane off the ground once it's assembled and ready.

You might be doing research on launching your digital marketing campaigns for a few reasons:

  1. You're getting stuck in "draft mode" and keep spinning your wheels on the process
  2. You feel unsupported by your team to actually get this new campaign live
  3. You're confused by where to even start with your digital marketing and content campaigns

If you're in position #1 or #2, you're in the right place. In this post, I'll outline a few solutions for you to get your already-created campaigns actually launched. 

If you identify more with #3, start here instead with the strategy behind digital marketing campaigns and how to plan and get started on your content marketing strategy around your goals. 

How to Get Out of "Draft Mode"

If your wheels are spinning here, you need to focus on identifying roadblocks, nailing down your timeline to launch, and bringing it all back to your goals. 

Answer these questions in just 1 direct, no-bullshit sentence:

  • Which specific parts of my campaign are currently stuck in "draft mode"?
  • Who are the team members who are holding up our launch (whether knowingly or unknowingly)? 
  • How do these pieces directly impact our campaign performance and hopeful results?

If you can get your leadership team (or at least your direct manager) in your corner, this can help drastically. Help them see where you're getting stuck, and prepare your solution before you ask for their help. You need them to help you with the block-and-tackle of delays that are keeping you from actually doing your job.

How to Get Team Buy-In to Support Taking Your Campaign Live

Next, set short, to-the-point meetings with those who are holding you up (even if they don't know it). Lay out what you need to launch your campaign that they originally said they could help with, how this delay is impacting your business goals (or missing them altogether), and share how this will impact them soon. 

If humans are the reason you can't get your plane off the ground, it's essential that you show them how this chain reaction will soon affect their jobs, too.

Here's an example we see all the time with our clients: 

You've recruited the help of your VP of Sales to get information about your product offerings, changes in pricing, or packaging options, but they've rescheduled your meetings a few times or sat on approving final content for far too long. You need to communicate that if you can't launch the campaign, your SQLs from the audience who would really love the campaign will slow. That means soon, they'll start to feel a slow-down of their leads and conversations because not launching marketing campaigns directly impacts sales numbers

Have these conversations sooner rather than later. Don't wait weeks to address stalled deliverables, as they'll snowball quickly. Tailor the severity of the meeting to the person's RACI role and the delay they've contributed to. Don't have unnecessary come-to-Jesus meetings just for those who need to be Consulted if they're only behind by 2-3 days on their final approval. Instead, use that time to go over the piece together and get their feedback in person. 

If you haven't yet established RACI on your team projects, do it now. It will clear the path for launching this campaign and making your next one much easier from the start. If you're still struggling to get your digital marketing campaigns live after trying these solutions, talk to us about how we clear roadblocks for our clients to help them compete and win online. 

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