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How To Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

artificial intelligence in marketingimage credit: Robohub

There's a lot of buzz around Artificial Intelligence in the marketing industry. Digital marketing and sales enablement are evolving quickly, with the rise of technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) also seems to be generating a lot of fear. Will AI replace humans? Will marketers soon be replaced by magical robots that know more than them?

As a human, I'm not scared at all. As an agency growing up in the HubSpot movement, I've seen a continual evolution of technology. From my perspective, AI is just another weapon in our agency toolbox. Things are changing so fast, it's hard to keep up. But that's our job. I believe that agencies must be quick to adopt and implement cutting-edge technologies to serve their clients effectively. I believe that it's our job to stay in front, so our clients don't have to.

In many cases that comes down to mastering best-of-breed software stacks. This article will outline several AI-enhanced technologies and help you understand how to leverage them for your benefit.

Drift |

Drift is an AI-powered chat bot tool that hundreds of brands use to engage with and educate site visitors. Drift bots can automatically converse with visitors, route conversations to your team members, and schedule sales meetings for you. The tool also captures email addresses so you can automate lead capture and engagement at scale. Using Drift, salespeople can direct visitors to relevant information on products and services, answer questions and address pain points, and vastly streamline engagement and scheduling. It’s a powerful sales assistant that never sleeps and scales with your needs.

How to leverage Drift in your marketing

Conversational marketing is on fire, and for good reason. The ability to open a conversation with website visitors of any kind is extremely powerful. As a marketer, you simply have to drive this capability through for your team. Once you get Drift onboarded, open up a new playbook and get to building. Go through the logic of how you believe a prospect would prefer to communicate and work from the opening bot message all the way through a directly integrated booking calendar. I think you'll find that opening up an additional way to convert leads will be especially effective.

Seventh Sense |

Seventh Sense is an AI-powered tool that integrates with platforms like HubSpot and Marketo to send sales emails at the optimal time for maximum engagement. The tool looks at your email data and determines exactly when each prospect is most likely to see—and respond—to your communications. The best part? The system continually learns from your data to improve its effectiveness. Your marketing team can also access this data (and you can access theirs) to further inform future email sends.

How to leverage Seventh Sense in your marketing

The way I see it, Seventh Sense is the next-level secret weapon to help your emails perform better for your organization or clients. It can greatly increase the effectiveness of your emails by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the delivery time of each and every email you send. Once you set it up and integrate it with HubSpot you'll be ready to go. Continue building your emails and workflows in HubSpot before selecting a send time range in Seventh Sense.

Putting it all together

Success with digital requires a combination of tactics and technology. There is no magic bullet or all-in-one solution. As powerful and connected as HubSpot is, it still needs to be accented by other software solutions like the AI-powered examples I shared today. If you're struggling to make sense of this complicated world of technology, you're not alone. At least you don't have to be. You can lean on one of the leading technology experts on the planet in Revenue River. Check out our website, talk with our Drift chat bot Carl, and schedule your own meeting.

For a glimpse at how we leverage technology like the four examples above (and many more), check out this video: