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How To Market Your Business Online In A Mobile World


So you've read a lot stuff about everything from SEO to PPC.   Everyone has tips to help you get in the digital marketing game.


You know other businesses are marketing on Facebook and you've heard mobile marketing is important. You've just never really seen any results for all of your efforts.  You feel like you've missed the mark somewhere along the way, whether you've failed to consider the right platforms or just hired the wrong agency.  The combination of marketing activities necessary to launch and maintain a successful campaign can be a little hard to pin down, that's where we come in. 

Step 1: Start With A Goal Worth Achieving

The problem with point solutions like an SEO or Social Media campaigns provide is that they generally don't tie directly to the bottom line.  Would you like to make the top page of Google for a certain keyword phrase or increase gross revenue by 10%?  Would you rather have 10,000 Facebook fans or $10,000 in new sales? When you build a marketing goal that includes bottom line results every marketing element and activity will be focused on the wildly important.


Step 2: Your Website Is The Foundation

If you want to be successful with anything you do online it has to be tied to a dynamic website.  Your website needs to be credible and professional while responding to different viewing devices.  Gone are the days when everyone browsed the web from their desk.  

It also needs to speak to your ideal customer like you know exactly who they are, offer just what they're looking for, and convert those visitors into leads in the process.  

Step 3: Fresh Content Is The Fountain Of Life

All marketing platforms and activities rely on content to be successful.  Whether you're sending an email or publishing social messages having fresh content to share and promote makes all the difference.

Launch a blog to talk about your industry, answer questions, and educate a relevant audience.  Create resources and tools to provide a deeper level of information to help people make important decisions.  

Be helpful instead of promotional, if you offer your intellectual property and help people without expectation of reciprocity you'll yield better results.  


Step 4: Use Email & Social Media To Stay In Touch

Effective email marketing is not sending out a Constant Contact monthly newsletter with a funny picture and witty quote.  Email is a fantastic way to stay engaged with your leads and provide them new information they'll find valuable.  

Social media is a sounding board.  As a whole it's an opportunity to reach potential and current customers in the places they go for information & community.  The best part about social media is that it's where the eyeballs are, you have the ability to reach people at their permission.  

Just don't abuse your audience or opportunity by spamming them with coupons and sales literature.    


Step 5: Learn How To Get Found On Google

The sneaky little truth about search engine optimization (SEO) is that it's changed a lot over the years.  Gone are the days of stuffing the same awkward keywords like "brownie making companies Phoenix".  Google is awarding a content rich strategy that's geared more towards humans instead of trying to shortcut the website crawlers.  

If you want to be successful work on best practice optimization of your existing pages and then build lots of new pages to answer the questions real people have, like "Who makes the best brownie in?".


Step 6: Measure, Test, Analyze, & Improve

Nobody or no campaign is perfect, there's always room for improvement.  The problem is often the inability to connect your conversion numbers and truly understand what did and did not work.  


With the right marketing software package you'll  be able to track every action, every asset, and every campaign to report all the way back to goal achievement from Step 1.  


CONCLUSION:  You Can Build A Successful Campaign With A Little Focus & Hard Work

None of this should sound like a foreign language or seem unattainable.  You may have to invest some time and money into your resources and strategy but that's no different than any other area of your business.  If you want to grow you have to invest, grow your marketing strategy and you'll help all other areas scale as well.