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How To Tell You're Dealing With an Inbound Marketer

You may have seen them before. Those plaid wearing, over the shoulder satchel carrying, business card doling men and women who congregate around the bar at local events and love to chit chat about leads. They come in various shapes and sizes and their population is growing at an unprecedented rate. We are seeing all over the Googles that Inbound Marketing (and marketers) are taking over. So how does one determine they are face to face with an inbound marketing genius? Here are a few dead giveaways to let you know you're dealing with an inbound marketer.

We Cuss…a lot.

Not that we actually try to cuss a lot but sometimes one just gets caught up in the calamity of it all and a WTF pops out? Thankfully we’re a culture of easy going, personable individuals and many people see that as a genuine form of exchange as opposed to a stale façade. We think bad language is the foundation of the best friendships.

We Drink…A Lot!

Networking is a hard business and definitely makes you thirsty. So is writing a blog post at the office at 2 in the afternoon for that matter but we don’t judge. Having an open can policy creates a relaxed environment and helps you weed out those that can’t handle their liquor. Never trusted those people for some reason.

We love plug hubs

Digitally savvy is the inbound marketer…and popular too. So much so that battery woes are common and we just can’t resist the opportunity to cuddle up next to a wall and plug into that glorious free electricity provided by the local Starbucks, tavern, or Boston Convention Center for the annual HubSpot Inbound Conference.

We’re Obsessed with creating content

It’s part of the gig. We create content all day err night for our clients. It’s not like we can just turn it off when we’re taking a nice, leisurely, fall afternoon stroll through the park with your selfie stick. Our single mission in this world is to flood the digital universe with badass pictures and blog posts about the top 17.5 ways to get the most amazing conversion rate out of your sober customer’s life in the medical device manufacturers industry…in Ontario.

We are slightly vain

Now vanity isn’t always a bad thing. If you’re not a little vain, how can you make sure that your personal brand is the tits? But honestly, how can someone not be vain when you obsess over the number of IG followers or retweets you have? It’s like consumption in the digital sphere forces us to be a better version of our slightly intoxicated selves.

We have power meetings

Ah yes, collaboration of the minds may strike at any moment. That, or you have a Q1 emergency and all hands (or paws) on desk. Here is where the real magic happens. All sorts of wonderful strategy and brilliance can come out of these sporadic gatherings. Whiteboards highly encouraged!

Analytics can ruin our day

Ever see someone break down over a click-through-rate? It isn’t pretty. And let’s not even talk about SQLs. UGH! The life of an inbound marketer is measured with the most intelligent analytics and unnatural obsession with data. These are the type of metrics that give someone a complex. Fortunately though, an inbound marketer who is equally as concerned about YOUR metrics is worth their weight in gold.

We are pioneers

We are boldly going where no man (or woman) has gone before. Inbound marketing is literally changing the industry. We are at the forefront of a marketing revolution and get to reap all the benefits that come with it. They say you either adapt or perish. Fortunately for YOU, there are many highly qualified agencies that are collaborating and doing all sorts of smart stuff to drive business forward.

Ultimately, inbound marketers are pretty swell people. They like to have fun and they like to get results. If you have doubts about your own marketing effectiveness (and don’t worry, we all get a little self-conscious at times) give us a call. We’re confident that culture, wit, and extreme dry sarcasm will prove to be the foundation for a corporate supernova.

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