Revenue River Is HubSpot Advanced Sales Hub Implementation Certified

HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certification

After being a preferred HubSpot Solutions Partner since 2012, we've achieved an exclusive status with the HubSpot Advanced Sales Hub Implementation Certification! At the time of this writing, only 16 Solutions Partners in the HubSpot ecosystem hold this prestigious certification. Revenue River is not only one of the 16 but is just one of seven partners worldwide that also resides in HubSpot's highest tier of service provider (Elite). Learn more about the process that it took to attain certification, plus, how it positions Revenue River to more effectively solve for enterprise-level clients.

What Is the HubSpot Advanced CRM Implementation Certification?

HubSpot offers course trainings through HubSpot Academy. There are hundreds of courses that individuals can take to expand their knowledge on all things marketing, from content to email marketing to SEO. Similarly, there is a training program dedicated solely for HubSpot Solutions Partners, which are agencies and service providers that are extremely adept in leveraging HubSpot's software. To date, there are over 6,000 HubSpot Partners to search through ranging from Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite tiers (in ascending order). As a HubSpot Partner earns more experience and knowledge through real-world applications of the HubSpot software to solve for their clients' needs, partners work their way up the tiers gaining testimonials, certifications, and HubSpot Impact Awards along the way.

One such recognition that HubSpot partners can add to their arsenal is the HubSpot Advanced CRM Implementation Certification. Like the name suggests, it is reserved for businesses that have an advanced skill level, specifically in executing large-scale, complex implementations and migrations. The exclusive group of partners that hold this certification is specialized in migrating clients with over 500 employees from their current CRM systems and developing highly-technical HubSpot implementations. Choosing to work with a HubSpot Advanced CRM Implementation Certified agency helps corporate customers have confidence that they can successfully move to HubSpot.

How Does an Agency Get Certified for HubSpot Advanced CRM Implementation?

There is a rigorous process to become HubSpot Advanced Implementation certified that gives customers absolute confidence that their CRM project will be handled expertly by that partner. Before being accepted into the program, partner team members must hold several active certifications and submit a video application. If accepted, the partner is granted access to HubSpot's certification course in HubSpot Academy, which involves a case study of a fictional 500+ employee company that needs to deploy HubSpot as its new CRM. Five team members and two executives were required to participate in the case study to promote full-team knowledge and collaboration.

Enterprise-level migrations are no small feat and they involve many different roles within the agency. Our CTO, Amanda Althaus, has this to say about the process and the Revenue River team:

"I couldn't be more proud of everyone's efforts toward achieving this certification. We've been solving complex challenges within big organizations for years now, but this accreditation solidifies us as a true top-tier HubSpot agency that can serve the enterprise customer. Software integrations, phased implementations, onboardings, training resources...We have a clear picture of what's involved in these complicated projects and the skills to get them done."

- Amanda Althaus, CTO, Revenue River

What Can a HubSpot Advanced CRM Implementation Certified Partner Offer You?

There are many qualified Solutions Partners in the HubSpot ecosystem with different specialties. Now, there is a way to identify the best partner to fit enterprise-level needs. The certification not only attests to the partner's mastery of complex HubSpot projects but also demonstrates a unique understanding of how large businesses operate and what they need from a CRM. Clients can expect seamless database transfers to HubSpot, custom implementations, and thorough training sequences. 

Revenue River has already completed dozens of migrations from Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, Zoho, and Pipedrive throughout the years before attaining official recognition. Eric Pratt, Founder & CEO of Revenue River, recalls one of the most technically difficult HubSpot integrations that's come through the agency's doors: 

"Lodgic came to us with three different business models with separate technologies. The challenge was to get those three to easily communicate with each other and HubSpot was the answer. We performed a total of four non-native application integrations with HubSpot to build Lodgic's seamless customer experience. In the end, Lodgic enjoys a streamlined process and greater audience insights."

- Eric Pratt, Founder & CEO, Revenue River

We pride ourselves on being the HubSpot experts you can count on, and when you're handling such valuable business information as your database, you need to know that it's in technically-sound hands during migration. We know how to leverage CRM data post-migration as well to yield immense success. See how we were able to increase productivity by an average of 500% in 90 days for US Mortgages:


Reach out to us if you're ready to explore Revenue River as your experienced HubSpot Partner.


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