Expanding Keet’s Capabilities: Revenue River Performs Marketo to HubSpot Migration Plus Salesforce Integration



Keet, a digital health platform for MSK prevention and treatment, came to Revenue River for support for their migration and merger. 

Keet’s engagement solutions make it easy for providers to involve patients in their own care, creating shared accountability for reaching goals. By developing the best plan for each patient, Keet delivers optimized care using surveys and smart automation. The platform lets patients quickly check their care plans and chat virtually with their therapist via Keet’s intuitive mobile app that supports RTM. 

After Keet’s recent acquisition by a parent company, Clinicient, the team was left with a disjointed tech stack with gaps in some areas and redundancies in others. The Keet team was also shorthanded and lacked the specific experience in Marketing Operations to tie everything together to create a reliable attribution system. So, the team reached out to Revenue River to help them smooth out their migration process. 

Going into the merger, the Keet team already lacked an integrated data strategy in HubSpot and weren’t making the most of their data or their overall investment in the tool. After the merger, the situation became even more complicated.

The combined teams were left with two separate automation platforms (HubSpot and Salesforce) and two different marketing strategies (Keet’s and Clinicient’s) targeting a single database. 

The Keet team had limited in-house resources to apply to the problem and turned to our team of experts to get it right from strategy to execution. 

The Goals: Streamline and Scale

Migrate from Marketo to HubSpot to Streamline Processes

In the short term, Keet sought help developing a reliable attribution system to smooth out their migration process and execution support to help their in-house team for the rest of the year. 

They were looking to hit the ground running and quickly onboard the HubSpot Marketing Pro platform to ensure their team was set up for success. That included deploying best practices and managing workflows and lists in your HubSpot platform.

Integrate HubSpot and SFDC to Determine ROI 

They wanted to leverage their investment in HubSpot Marketing Pro to automate their systems and grow revenue. To achieve this, we needed to integrate HubSpot and SFDC so that we could create more clarity and accurately determine their ROI.

While speed and efficiency were a concern for Keet, they prioritized getting things done correctly and providing a solid tech foundation to support continued growth.

Supporting the sales team by delivering more qualified leads was a top priority, as was setting a foundation for reporting on paid media strategy.

The Challenge: Multiple Systems, Brands, and Segments

Our team was tasked with unraveling the tech stack, ensuring the best possible solutions were in place and eliminating redundancies.

After the acquisition, leadership decided that Salesforce would be the single source of truth. This decision meant it was vital for the team design an effective integration between HubSpot and Salesforce. The new integration also had to take into account Clinicient’s Salesforce data and Marketo integration.

Additionally, Keet and Clinicient kept their distinctive brands, so it was important that they ensured their database only received information and materials from the brand they subscribed to. We also needed to ensure the system did not miss or overwrite opt-outs. Within those brands, they had deep segmentation based on persona and behavior. It was crucial that both teams kept the segmentation, and all relevant information, including prior intent signals, in place.

Lead attribution was essential to the team’s ability to determine ROI. It was crucial that the teams had an effective means of identifying the source of leads. The teams rely on attribution data to invest in the campaigns and channels that are driving new customers, and pull back on the efforts that aren’t generating a return.


Fully integrated system

The Solution: Marketo to HubSpot Migration Plus HubSpot and Salesforce Integration for Expanded Capabilities

We first mapped out the data flow to ensure the solution we built achieved everything needed while doing so in the most efficient manner possible. To do this, we completed a thorough discovery process that ensured we were aware of all elements involved and how each interacted. We then put together schematics demonstrating how data would flow through the new system.

Ultimately, we settled on a solution that effectively leveraged the native Salesforce integration via HubSpot and used the selective sync route to control what data HubSpot could see.

"Our revenue technologists performed a Marketo to HubSpot migration and Salesforce integration that truly transformed Keet’s old, disjointed processes into a seamless, fully-integrated system.”

- Amanda Althaus, Chief Technology Officer at Revenue River


Our hard work resulted in a fully-integrated system that enabled the Keet team to build out their email marketing campaigns and successfully target them to prospective buyers based on their segment and intent signals. 

In addition, the new system enabled Keet to attribute lead sources correctly, making it possible to reliably evaluate the performance of their marketing efforts and easily see which areas of their pipeline were most effective and which needed bolstering. 

Need Help with a Migration or Integration?

Whether you’re planning to fully migrate to HubSpot CRM or integrate your current CRM with HubSpot, it can be challenging to navigate the whole process. Our team at Revenue River has extraordinary experience with both migrations and integrations to help you streamline your process and expand your capabilities. Reach out to our team of experts to see how Revenue River can help!


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