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Inbound 2022 HubSpot Product Updates and Insights

If you're familiar with the annual Inbound conference hosted virtually and online, you know that it comes packed with inspiring talks from people like former President Barack O'Bama and Dr. Jane Goodall, as well as my personal favorite - the HubSpot product updates. In 2022, we've seen HubSpot launch an unprecedented number of improvements and feature releases. And, the Inbound conference followed suit with some major drops and BETA announcements. Inbound was all about connection, which is why this post will do exactly that - keep you connected to HubSpot's product announcements and what they mean for you. Keep in mind, this list includes those that are live and available at the time of this post. There are tons of additional great features in Beta programs. The HubSpot Community and Product Updates in HubSpot below are both great places to learn more about features and enhancements as they become available. 


As we reflect back on Inbound 2022, we can’t help but build our strategies with key insights in mind including these curated highlights from my coworker Laura Galijan.

  • Creativity in B2B Marketing with Amy Marino, Senior Director, Global Brand Marketing of HubSpot, and Jim Habig, VP of Marketing at LinkedIn remind us that content and brand have to stand out in a world where 95 percent of your audience is out-of-market, even in B2B marketing. 
  • We agree that content has to stand out in B2B, but Ali Haeri, MNTN  VP of, Marketing teaches us that we can’t overdo it in trying to be clever. Pairing the story with creativity to carry out the message simply like Ryan Reynolds does in the clip shared at the top of the session. 
  • Tamsen Webster, Founder of Find the Red Thread shows us that we have to make action irresistable through the story we help give our customers to the point of decision. 

Let's get into the thick of product updates we’re excited about coming out of Inbound. 

Connected Platform & Applications

In a disconnected world, HubSpot is committed to “Connect your customers through one unified platform, so you have less tools to sift through and one clear lens to analyze insights.” (HubSpot). You can catch the Spotlight featuring Yamini on YouTube


Payment Schedules

Using the Quotes tool, you can now create a payment schedule. This feature makes it possible to break down a large bill or contract into smaller payments, which has been highly demanded by service companies with large contracts that need to be broken down into milestone payments. It's important to note that this feature is separate from the Payments tool.

All for the Love of Developers

In this section, you’ll find feature updates that show HubSpot is serious about its commitment to being more developer-friendly. While I’m not a developer myself, even I can appreciate that when a developer’s tools improve, so does the ability to scale and better connect the dots. 

Projects GitHub Integration

For web developers, this feature helps streamline the dev workflow by continuously integrating a codebase from Github to HubSpot CMS. Aside from streamlining the workflow, it also helps with version control, ensuring that a site can consistently use a high-performing, quality codebase. 

Development Sandbox

The development sandbox updates function much like a sandbox for HubSpot’s website tools in the CMS long have in that you can build and test in a safe environment. Now, with an updated development sandbox you can test CRM data and automation without impacting your main CRM data. 


Improved debugging for the HubSpot CMS allows developers to review errors and warnings live and in staging to help improve performance. 

Sync More

Get ready to sync more data natively using HubSpot from third parties to HubSpot from multiple apps including Quickbooks, Netsuite, Dynamics 365, and more.


Data Quality Command CenterData Sync Improvements

If HubSpot was a car, data sync health might be considered the check engine light. This tool allows you to quickly see what is syncing successfully or not with third-party apps. 

Cleaner Import

An improvement to the import tool now provides warnings and resolution before you pull data into your CRM and live instance. Reducing the risk that imported data could impact your automation, means you can be more confident your contacts and campaigns are working seamlessly. 

CRM Customization

Historically, HubSpot has been limited in creating a CRM experience for businesses that don’t fit the norm. Still, new CRM customization takes us closer to making HubSpot a great rep experience, regardless of any industry or niche.

New Activity Types and Configurable Buttons

On a contact record, highlight new types of activities and reorder to make the process of connecting faster. 

activity-update-hubspot-contact-record copy 2-min-1

Advanced Configuration

In the board view, display up to four properties on tickets, deals, and custom objects with the board view configuration. Log a LinkedIn message, WhatsApp, and more. 

Free CMS Tools

For $0, you can run your digital storefront on HubSpot with the Free CMS. Drag-and-drop editors and ready-to-use Themes in the marketplace make it easy for any company any multiple skill sets to manage a Hubspot CMS website. 

Inbound Calling

Reps can now make inbound and outbound calls right from their personal device. Calling is available on any CRM subscription including free, but it is limited in the number of calls and minutes for some subscriptions. 

Deal Management

Deal management is getting better every day. Updates in deal management include the ability to manage fiscal forecasting, better integrate pipelines, and customize goals with the new goals tool (more below). 

Custom Goals

The new goals tool gives you better visibility into team goals that fit your company’s sales process. Normally, I’d pull my own screenshot, but HubSpot used on of my favorite characters, Leslie Knope, in theirs, so here it is. 


WhatsApp Integration

While WhatsApp may not be the primary mode of communication in the US, it's on the rise and is a predominant communication tool globally, which is why we're celebrating this integration. The WhatsApp integration will allow HubSpot users to communicate and track with contacts stored in HubSpot via WhatsApp just like you would with email or phone. 

Campaigns Journey Analytics

See all your customer engagement data in one place including emails, social, ads, page views, and more. This will allow you to see the journey your audience takes in becoming customers, identify points of friction, and drive higher conversion rates and velocity. In this video, Kyle Jepson walks us through using the tool. 

Ad Conversion Events

HubSpot has already improved conversion event tracking this year by making it possible to use lifecycle stages as an event trigger, which becomes valuable for platforms where automated optimization is used. Essentially, you can optimize ad campaigns around the lifecycle stage that matters. Still, before the end of 2022, even more, updates will be coming to how conversions are tracked on HubSpot and sent to third-party ad platforms. 


Inbound 22' is in the rearview, but we know the product innovation won't fade any time soon if HubSpot follows suit with all of 2022. As the updates happen, we look forward to keeping you in the loop. And, if you're interested in joining us at Inbound in 2023, you can register now.