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Leveraging Instagram Stories for Your Business

Instagram has been one of the most widely used social media platforms for the last few years. According to an article published by Brand Watch, Instagram now has over 400 million active users. People and businesses use it every day. Being able to share your company's content, your culture or expertise, or promoting your brand to over 400 million people globally is a major asset to all digital marketers.


Sharing your company expertise is an essential part of any marketing plan. Attracting new customers and clients can be accomplished from Instagram to show creative processes with short videos and gifs, team work ethic, and photos of the various tools that your team uses. Showing this type of content will give a face to your company and build more brand equity with potential customers and clients. 

Many organizations pride themselves on the culture that they have built. They use social media to showcase their teams' strong culture, which is a great strategy for digital marketing. Showing how your team works together can be a great first impression, creating more interest in both working with your company from a client perspective and from a potential new hire perspective.

Another way to leverage Instagram for your marketing strategy is to utilize takeovers by clients or your internal team members. When I say 'takeover,' I mean a client or team member taking control of your Instagram account for the day and publishing a story of a day in their routine. This not only is great for cross promotion but also will display the good relationships that you already have and further promote team member culture and expertise.

Instagram stories are a great tool for promoting expertise and culture. By displaying your best assets and creating a great face for your business through social media, you will be able to land new clients and the best talent to add to your great team. Everyone is looking for culture and growth and the best way, in my opinion, to display those for your company is through social media and Instagram stories are just one piece of that puzzle.  

To learn more about how you can leverage social media for your marketing strategy, schedule a consultation with one of our marketing gurus today.

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