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Millennials, are you willing to sacrifice to succeed?


Millennials have been tormenting employers for over a decade.

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Dear Millennials, when are you going to get your shit together?  When are you going to realize your potential and get motivated to succeed?

I think there are more than a few business owners and executives that have felt this way about a few of their younger employees.  As entrepreneurs and employers we have a sense of what it takes to succeed in the work place.  We've worked hard and sacrificed much for our success and know it took dedication beyond that of our peers to reach our goals.  We also know Millennials don't have the best reputations for demonstrating their work ethic in the workplace, they seem to be far less motivated.  

Life is what happens to you while you're looking at your smart phone       - / Via

As the owner of a digital marketing agency in Colorado I get my fill of your generation every day.  Nearly every person on our staff fits the profile, and they love to relax and have fun around the office during the day.  Although few of them truly fit the stereotype that plagues your generation, they continue to remind me that their priorities aren't always the same as mine.  They are admittedly more motivated than most Millennials, I'm pretty sure none of them live in their parent's basement and they're all incredibly gifted.  But they, probably like you, have a ton of potential they have yet to realize.  

Think you're different than other Millennials?  Here are 4 signs you might be exactly who I'm talking about

  1. If you'd prefer a pool table to a conference table, you might be a Millennial
  2. If you spend more money on electronics than your wardrobe, you might be a Millennial
  3. If you believe nap rooms at the office are a birthright, you might be a Millennial
  4. If you spend more time brewing your own beer than building your resume, you might be a Millennial 

If you want to reach a new level of success you're going to have to consider making some sacrifices.  You might have to spend a little less time in the bar, at the game, or playing World of Warcraft.

Those who decide there's more to life than video games and concerts will be rewarded as companies that rose in the information age recruit and promote their top talent.  tweet it

Sacrifice means spending more time on what's important instead of what's enjoyable. Deciding what you want to accomplish in your life and putting a plan together to get there will help.  Set goals, make plans, and improve yourself on your free time.  Learn new skills, develop yourself as a leader or manager, etc.  

If you want to achieve you'll get there faster through hard work and sacrifice.  Keep your eye on the prize, put down the remote control, and get to work.  There's likely a few people waiting patiently on you, hoping you'll flip the switch and begin to realize your potential.  In fact, they've probably been investing in you for years to that end.  Don't let them down, and don't let yourself down.  Seize the day!


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