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NFL Playoff Preview - Inbound Marketing Tips For Every Team

The NFL playoffs are almost upon us and I couldn't be more excited!  The NFL is so huge, everybody is watching as we enter the last couple weeks of the season to see what teams will sneak in, who will get home field advantage, and who will stay home. 

As a marketing team at Revenue River we're no different.  We all have our favorite teams and our mornings are often filled with fantasy talk, breaking down last week's game, and predicting next week's winners. 

We are nearly as passionate about football as we are about inbound marketing, so why not combine the two into a breakdown of what each team has to offer and what each needs to succeed in the playoffs?The NFL allows 4 division winners and two wild cards in each conference.  While the regular season still has two weeks left the playoff picture is shaping up and I'm going to give each team a couple ideas.  Every team has a need or two, a hole that needs to be filled if they're going to take home the Lombardi Trophy. 

What better way to fill those holes than with an inbound marketing campaign?

All good inbound campaigns have something to offer, something your target market will relate to and see value in.  If you're going to attract strangers and turn them into customers you better give them something they're looking for.  If you're an NFL executive you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and how to position them in your favor.  You need to position your assets to attract new customers, and look for resources and information that will help you get better.


NFC Playoff Teams


Seattle Seahawks


Best Assets:  Home field advantage and the Legion of Boom

Season Highlight:  They've proven impossible to beat at home and Russell Wilson seems too good to be real

Best Current Offer:  You Must Protect This House - Inbound Guide To Dominating At Home

Inbound Need:  4 Keys To Playing Your Best Football In February


New Orleans Saints


Best Assets:  Jimmy Graham and the Mercedes Super Dome

Season Highlight:  They've bounced back to the elite status with the return of their coach

Best Current Offer:  How To Turn A Basketball Player Into A MVP Candidate

Inbound Need: Winning On The Road - How To Bottle WHO DAT And Take It With You


San Francisco 49ers


Best Assets:  Their defense and running game can get them a win against any team in the NFC

Season Highlight:  After a slow start they've dominated down the stretch

Best Current Offer:  How To Dump Your QB And Make The Superbowl In The Same Season

Inbound Need:  Looking To Beat The Seahawks?  A Comprehensive Guide To Achieving The Impossible


Carolina Panthers


Best Assets:  The most under appreciated defense in the NFL

Season Highlight:  After a 1-3 start they rattled off 9 wins in a row

Best Current Offer:  Winning In Today's NFL With A Defensive-Minded Head Coach

Inbound Need: 14 Tips To Making Your QB More Accurate


Philadelphia Eagles


Best Assets:  Shady McCoy in their new fast break offense

Season Highlight:  Massive turn around with a new head coach and unheard of QB

Best Current Offer:  Considering A Collegiate Head Coach?  Free Hiring Guide

Inbound Need: Making Trades Handbook - How To Get The Most Out Of An Over-Rated QB


Dallas Cowboys


Best Assets: Dez Bryant is one of the best play makers in the NFL

Season Highlight:  Deflecting the heat from Tony Romo by retaining Jason Garrett

Best Current Offer:  Free eBook - How To Fill Your Massive Stadium With A Mediocre Product

Inbound Need:  A Beginner's Guide For Head Coaches v12 - Clock Management


Chicago Bears


Best Assets: Matt Forte can make plays all over the field, and Alshon Jeffrey is your next Super Star WR

Season Highlight:  Winning more games than they lost without their starting QB

Best Current Offer:  Staying Competitive With A Second String Defense

Inbound Need:  Get Your QB To Grow Up - Leadership & Sportsmanship Perspective


Detroit Lions


Best Assets: Calvin Johnson can make any QB great, almost

Season Highlight:  Winning on Thanksgiving for the first time in 9 years

Best Current Offer:  Turning Your Transformer Into NFL Superstar:  The Story Of Megatron

Inbound Need:  How To Balance Your Offense & Resist The Temptation To Pass Every Down


Green Bay Packers


Best Assets:  Mike McCarthy deserves coach of the year for what he's done with all those injuries

Season Highlight:  Overcoming a 23 point deficit to beat the Cowboys with Matt Flynn

Best Current Offer:  Dealing With Disappointment - How To Hang On Through Devastating Injuries

Inbound Need:  Do It Yourself Healthcare Guide - How To Heal A Collarbone In 30 Days



AFC Playoff Teams


Denver Broncos


Best Assets: Peyton Manning's no Tim Tebow but he's making Eric Decker a star

Season Highlight:  Putting the critics to bed with a massive cold-weather beat down

Best Current Offer:  How To Have A Bounceback Season After A Devastating Playoff Loss

Inbound Need:  Is Your Defense Struggling?  How To Win A Playoff Game Anyway


New England Patriots


Best Assets:  Tom Brady is better than you think, just look at the roster he started the season with

Season Highlight:  Finding a way to win without any weapons on offense or defense other than Tom Brady

Best Current Offer:  Winning Without Weapons - Bill's Guide To Paying No One But Tom

Inbound Need:  Overcoming Injury - What To Do When Your QB's Best Target Goes Down


Kansas City Chiefs


Best Assets: Andy Reid's west coast offense is making Alex Smith look great

Season Highlight:  Coming off a 2 win season to win their first 9 games and shock the NFL

Best Current Offer:  Developing A Brilliant Retread Recipe - One Team's Trash Is Another Team's Treasure

Inbound Need:  Beating Peyton Manning - The Tom Brady Story


Indianapolis Colts


Best Assets:  Anybody in the world would play their heart out for Chuck-Strong

Season Highlight:  Anyone with wins against the 49ers, Broncos, and Seahawks has a great resume

Best Current Offer:  Ditch Your Franchise Quarterback & Come Out Smelling Like A Rose

Inbound Need:  NFL Cloning Handbook - How To Clone Reggie Wayne In 3 Easy Steps


Cincinnati Bengals


Best Assets:  Those uniforms instill fear in the souls of every player in the NFL

Season Highlight:  Finally getting over the hump against the Steelers

Best Current Offer:  1988 Year In Review - A Superbowl Appearence For The Natti

Inbound Need:  5 Unorthodox Ways To Score A Touchdown In The Playoffs


Baltimore Ravens


Best Assets:  The experience of winning the Superbowl last year as a wild card team

Season Highlight:  Getting away with paying Joe Flacco all that money and losing their defensive identity

Best Current Offer:  Winning In Foxborro - How To Beat The Patriots At Every Opportunity

Inbound Need:  Defying The Odds - How To Make Lightning Strike Twice In Baltimore


Miami Dolphins 


Best Assets:  The young QB from Texas A&M can really huck the football

Season Highlight:  Beating the Patriots puts them on the map and into the hunt

Best Current Offer:  Building Through The Draft - A Balanced Approach

Inbound Need:  Managing Your Locker Room - A Coach's Guide To Building Chemistry

There you have it, the inbound marketing guide to winning the NFL championship.  Laying out every team's best offer and an offer idea to help them shore up the holes and win the big games this January. 

Who knows, with a slight redirect of their massive marketing budgets they just might be able to do more than sell jerseys this Holiday season.  Send this to your favorite team's PR department, tell them to reach out to this Denver marketing firm if they want some help.

Image & Licensing Credit:  National Football League


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