Planning the Timeline and Resources for Migration

Once you have read 5 Things To Consider Before You Migrate From Pardot To HubSpot, you are ready to plan your timeline and resources for the migration. Yes, you need to migrate your data from one platform to another, but there are ways to do so without distracting and stressing out yourself and your team. Planning your timeline and resources is essential for a successful migration. Here’s what you need to do:

Planning Your Timeline

The ideal amount of time for the migration is about two months. If you have never performed a data migration, you may want to allow yourself some extra time for any speed bumps you come across. Wondering what to do during those two months? Check out Steps To Migrate From Pardot To Hubspot. Ensure you plan out your timeline and give yourself and your team time to learn and adjust to the new software.

Timing is also largely dependent on the volume of information you have stored in Pardot. Lists of contacts, drip campaigns, email templates, and additional assets may involve more energy than others to transfer over. For instance, lead scoring is assigned differently in Pardot than in HubSpot and therefore requires an extra thought on how to keep the values balanced in the new HubSpot system. Simple email templates may be rebuilt relatively quickly in HubSpot, but customized email templates may require the HTML to be copied and installed by a developer. Knowing exactly what you need transferred over is a crucial component for accurate timeline planning.

Although some people may work well under pressure, with something as important and valuable as your customer data, you don't really want to risk missing a step and losing that information. Err on the side of caution and plan for two months to complete the migration knowing that it may take a little less or more time. A couple tools to keep you on track if you're making the switch from Pardot to HubSpot on your own is making a GANTT chart or using project management tracking software like Trello. The benefit of using these resources is that the migration steps are laid out visually and show how they are interwoven. As a result, team members are clear on their responsibilities and everyone is on the same page, which avoids miscommunication and potential project delays. 


Project TimelineThe above photo is an example of a project management timeline.

Planning Your Resources

As well as planning your timeline, you will also need to plan out what resources you need. There is nothing more frustrating than starting a project and realizing you are missing the tools you need to begin. Think about each aspect of the process. Will you need Excel for .csv files? How about a data cleansing tool, such as Insycle? You will also want to consider whether or not you are migrating soft data - in which case you would need a custom script or software. Once you have asked yourself what you need, compile a list and make sure each resource is in your hands before starting the process. 


Keep a list of everything you're going to need so you don't lose any data.

In addition to the resources you'll need to organize from Pardot, think about your team resources as well. Your business doesn't stop just because you're migrating to HubSpot's platform. You are an unstoppable force that serves its customers around the clock! Although everyone in your company will need to be trained on how to properly input data into HubSpot and use its multitude of features, it might not be necessary that all of your team members assist in the migration. Identify who is essential to keep your business running and who is best equipped and available to lead the various aspects of HubSpot migration. 

With the right tools and information, you can make a seamless transition that will improve your business. Considering making the switch? Check out Everything You Need to Migrate from Pardot to HubSpot. The other option if you neither have the time nor resources to dedicate towards migrating from Pardot to HubSpot is to consider hiring a third party to take on the task. Revenue River is a top HubSpot certified company that specializes in all things HubSpot. If you're interested in getting a free quote for migration, just click the button below.

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