TwentyThree: Take Video Automation & Data Capabilities To The Next Level

Revenue River & TwentyThree Partnership

The day I have been waiting for is here. It's a day where we get to announce a super exciting partnership with a company and platform that will legitimately give your video marketing the attention it needs. A tool that can give you such deep access to data points like video engagement heatmaps for your audience, analytics on video data you have probably never focused on before, but NEED TO BE now. The best part about this tool? It integrate with major marketing platforms, including our main "side piece", HubSpot. TwentyThree offers what I know is a tool that every company who is serious about video marketing needs to have. Because I have been immersed in the power of TwentyThree's system for a few months now, it was a no brainer to team up with them to align our capabilities, creating a bigger team of video experts, with a platform that we all need for multimedia success. 

Todd Patton - Comms & Story at TwentyThreeTo kick off our partnership the right way (believe me people...this is just the beginning...), I sat down with Todd Patton, Head of Comms & Story at TwentyThree, to shed more information on who TwentyThree is, our partnership, and what is to come!

Q&A With Todd Patton - Head of Comms & Story - TwentyThree


Kicking this off, tell us a little bit about TwentyThree, how you all got started, & what you are looking to help solve in the digital marketing world, more specifically the video marketing space?

We’re firm believers that visual communication is a core characteristic of the traditional marketplace, and video has become a means of reestablishing a truly human marketing experience. It’s pretty apparent that video is everywhere, featured on all platforms, and used by marketers across the entire funnel.  

TwentyThree allows brands to distribute videos from a single platform, generate leads, improve inbound marketing efforts, integrate with existing automation softwares (like HubSpot, Marketo, etc.), and properly measure results of all their video marketing campaigns.

Traditionally, video has kind of been forgotten in the marketing funnel, even though half of all website data is now attributed to video consumption. Can you imagine missing half of your marketing data? That’s why we’re building a product to help marketers take back that missing 50% of data to nurture and convert their users.


Tell us about the partnership between Revenue River & TwentyThree?

TwentyThree is thrilled to partner with one of HubSpot's leading marketing automation agencies. This summer we launched a breakthrough product integration with HubSpot and working with leaders like RR really strengthens the journey we’re on. Enabling RR to be the first to bring the full video marketing platform to their customers is a huge reward. We have a close partnership where we discuss our product roadmap, get user feedback and insights from the field; and really get to benefit from working with the best of both sides.


What does kicking off a partner program allow TwentyThree to do?

At TwentyThree, we love our partners. And we’re always excited to get the most innovative marketing automation agencies involved in our partner program, as it allows us both to work in a more structured way together, with monthly check-ins, a dedicated partner success manager and 24/7 support from our video marketing specialists. Once the joint marketing kicks off, the fun really begins. The natural transition in the TwentyThree Partner Program is to advance to Premium Partner level within 12 months; a tier where an extensive selection of even more targeted benefits are available, such as consulting in development of video marketing strategy proposals, joint webinars with a dedicated partner landing page, and product strategy days in CPH & SF, to mention some.


What is TwentyThree looking forward to working alongside Revenue River?

We’re super excited to collaborate closer together across multiple teams and build an even stronger bond. Seeing RR choosing to recommend TwentyThree to their clients and upgrade many of them to our premium platform is such a huge reward to us and the strongest validation we can get. Last but not least, as we’re about to take off for INBOUND17, we’re naturally super excited to meet the whole team in person, as ultimately nothing can beat the human connection, even in our digital world.


How does TwentyThree help solve the gap between larger aspects of video marketing, and what companies NEED to know from their videos, i.e. audience reporting, segmentation and automation, etc…?

In the past, video metrics have mainly been views, shares, impressions, etc. We recently wrote a post about being data-driven with your video marketing campaigns, and it goes so far beyond just those aforementioned vanity metrics. While those stats are important, they tell a very small part of the larger story about video marketing campaigns. Marketers should be looking at who viewed their videos, how long, which video was viewed, and engagement scores for video consumption.

Through an integration with a marketing automation software like HubSpot, you can view all of these metrics inside of those softwares and build lists, workflows, and campaigns to nurture your contacts with video. There are heat maps to visually show exactly how a contact engaged with certain videos, which is invaluable to sales teams and marketing departments. For example, if an identified contact in HubSpot watches a product video on your website, you could automate an email to them asking if they had anymore questions about this certain product.


2017 was coined “the year of video” at INBOUND last year. How has TwentyThree seen this shift taking place and adapted for this influx?

We recently released research from our State of Online 2017 report that supports that exact declaration: “the year of video.” We found that consumers are watching more and more videos, on multiple platforms, and for a longer-time period. To get these numbers we analyzed 1.5 million videos that received 1.7 billion impressions. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Users watch, on average, 3 minutes and 56 seconds of an owned video on your website, compared to 58 seconds on YouTube and 20 seconds on Facebook.
  • Video engagement increases by 3x when it’s live video content.
  • Email click-through-rates improve 62% by simply adding an animated thumbnail or GIF.

It’s really becoming apparent how important it is for marketers to add video to their marketing stack and properly measure the performance. While it’s important to post video content to the Facebooks and YouTube’s of the world, it’s essential to go beyond the views and likes. We’re starting to see this shift happen.


Time to use your crystal ball. What are your thoughts for video marketing in 2018? Since 2017 was such a big year for video marketing, how do you see it continuing to build? What will be the BIG new video marketing “thing” next year?

One thing for certain, is that video will continue to be consumed more and more by customers trying to engage with a brand. Video is personal and human. What better way to tell your company’s story than through video?

To get specific, we’ve seen the rate with which people view video on mobile devices increase over the last 2 years. 37% of videos are now viewed on mobile, and I expect that to go up even more. In some areas of the world, the only access to the internet is on a smartphone, so it will be more important than ever for brands to granularly measure and optimize how their video marketing campaigns are performing.


TwentyThree recently launched an amazing partnership and integration with HubSpot. What does this integration allow HubSpot users to do when it comes to building their video presence? What are your plans to continue to build alongside HubSpot, and agencies like us? Can you share any “quick glimpses” of what’s to come with TwentyThree in the coming months and next year?

We’re super excited about our new partnership with HubSpot. I could break it all down in text version, but since we’re a video marketing platform, it’s probably more appropriate to embed a video explaining the integration:


When you make your trip to visit us in Golden, CO, what brewery are you MOST excited to visit, and why?

I’m actually from Salt Lake City, Utah, even though I live in Copenhagen now, so I know how good the beer in Colorado is. I love Epic Brewery, they originally started in Utah but recently moved to Denver. As far as Golden, CO specific, I’ve heard amazing things about Golden City.


We are excited for what's to come with TwentyThree, so be on the lookout for more. And if you are making the trek to INBOUND17, look for TwentyThree to get your mind blown on what they can do for you. At the same time, Todd interviewed me as a dual partnership release, so check out the other Q&A blog here!

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