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Six Marketing Statistics to Ensure Your Customers Love Your Brand

Denver marketing firmsA large part of maintaining a successful business is having a good base of customers. Sure, new customers are great, but they rarely prove to be anywhere nearly as profitable as the life of a return customer. Dedicated customers who come back time and time again will produce for your business in an extremely positive fashion. Sure, they will continue to purchase your goods or services many times over their lifetime, but the true value is their continually spreading the word about your business. There is no better advertisement than an authentic recommendation coming from a trusted family member or friend. Personal recommendations are huge when it comes to credibility, so it is exceptionally important to retain all of your current clients. To help your business do this, all Denver marketing firms will try to encourage your customer base to interact with your brand through social media. I will lay out a few pieces of advice that will help you strengthen your brand with accompanying statistics provided by

  • Excellent Customer Service Goes a Long Way

Did you know that 73% of consumers say they love a brand because of friendly customer service? That number is extremely powerful because almost 3/4ths of the responders are choosing customer service over the actual quality and price of the product. So even if you aren’t the best deal on the market, you can still lock up a solid base by helping your customers efficiently and respectfully. 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a certain company after experiencing bad customer service. This just goes to show you that creating positive interactions with your customers should be a top priority.

  • Dress to Impress

Just like if you were to go on a job interview and would want to look your best, the physical appearance of your business should be professional and inviting. 46% of people say that a website’s design is the primary criteria for determining the credibility of a company. In other words, if your website stinks, people will think your business stinks. All Denver marketing firms would agree that it is extremely important to invest in good designers to make sure your logo, sign, stationary, and website are all top-notch and utilize the same color scheme, as color increases brand recognition by a whopping 80%.

  • Good Content Drives Social Interaction

Creating quality content is very important for businesses looking to optimize their digital efforts. 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads. Sharing and producing quality content can provide your audience a great way to learn more about your business and brand. 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy a product from brands they “follow.” And even more astonishing is the fact that Business to Business companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms, so it really pays to use a blog to build out your company’s “voice.”

  • Don’t Meet Expectations, Beat Expectations

When it comes to doing good business, there is nothing worse than leaving a customer underwhelmed. You should always strive to sweep your customers off their feet with a nice surprise. 75% of customers say they have spent more with a company because of a history of positive experiences. Now, this can refer to customer service, or it can refer to being left with a product or service that turned out to be better than they expected.

What you take from this is that you should never over promise what your business can deliver. Customer loyalty can be worth ten times as much as a single purchase, so you should always leave a customer happy with their decision and your business will be rewarded. So if you must err on too much hype or too little, under sell something, so your customers will be pleasantly surprised.

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