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So You Want To Start A Podcast?

Podcasting Microphone


Remember when there were car phones? Those big lunky things you had to plug into the round 12-volt cigarette lighter? Those things were great. Then, along came the cell phone, and a smorgasbord of advances in technology. Communication being the key focus, the techniques and ways you were able to talk and spread your message has expanded drastically. Today, there is another form of communication that is great for the car…the podcast.


Podcasting has slowly taken over as an effective way to reach the masses, whether you are a single person talking about a sport, maybe hockey (hey guys, I love hockey…), or a business trying to reach a new level of customer. Podcasting is an easy and effective way to sell a product, so are you curious on how you can be effective with your podcast?


Spreading The Good Word

The podcasting world has grown, and so have a number of directions you can truly go with a message. Some podcasts are humorous and meant to be more of an awareness type tool. Others go right for the jugular and try and sell, sell, sell. You are trying to differentiate your business, and a podcast should not be a direct tool to try and make a direct sale. This is a tool to influence, teach, and enlighten. Come ready to talk about a broad topic that ties into your product. You have listeners that may be “rookies” in terms of the knowledge of your business, don’t lose them by getting too granular too soon. The easiest way to lose listeners when you are just starting is to get way too complex...just don't do it, trust me.


Use Expert Interviews

One of the coolest, easiest, and most effective podcast techniques is the use of the expert interview. Depending on how often you record (once a day, once a week, once a month), it can get pretty tough to come up with fresh and relevant content to talk about. But, then there is the prince in shining armor, coming to save your podcast, the expert interview. Using resources such as employees or even customers can help bolster your podcast. Not only that, but it helps nurture your relationship with the people you decide to invite. Inviting current customers to talk about their experience and why your product is different shows them that you truly care about their feedback. So, give it a try!


Be Spontaneous, But Keep To An Agenda

The magic of podcasting is you can say anything. You can talk about your dog, a funny thing that happened to you that day, anything. But, be careful. You are trying to market your product, so you need to make sure that your message is sound. By agenda, I don’t mean sticking to a set timeline or guideline; I mean that you need to go in with a specific goal in mind.


Connect On A Digital Scale

So you've recorded a couple of episodes, you've had a few people listen in (your parents, your significant other, your dog, fish, whatever...). How do you expand? How are you gaining traction with people that ACTUALLY need your services? There are so many services like, SoundClound, where you can record and share from one platform. Being able to link your episodes back on social is huge, even if you don't have a large following, it will start to help build an audience. Do you have a website? If you do, embed these podcasts onto a landing page...there's nothing like seeing a clean cut landing page with your podcast episode formatted right into the page. You should never underestimate the power of properly marketing your materials, even your podcast is valuable information. Most of the time it's even worth putting it behind a form to start gathering contact information. 


You never know your ability to talk, and talk about your product before you actually try. A podcast is a great way for you to break into a different and effective form of communication to expand your reach! The best part is, if you think your voice isn’t the best, you don’t need to make public. A podcast is different than a live webinar. Words of wisdom, if you aren’t comfortable with your voice or know you will have so “oopsies”, do NOT do it live…Bill O’Reilly may be pissed, but you don’t have to be.

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