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The Biggest Sales Benefits of a HubSpot COS Website

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As the resident sales guy for a prominent digital marketing agency, I am often faced with questions around what platform would be best for a client to build their new website on. I often want to respond with a simple “HubSpot.” Unfortunately, this isn’t a very effective sales tactic, as people want to know that I am listening to their needs and providing a solution tailored to them instead of just trying to push a certain product. In fact, it is because I have listened to so many of these conversations already that I recognize their problems and already know the best solution, HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS.)

As many of you know, HubSpot began as a piece of bolt-on marketing automation software. The website platform is a fairly recent development from the past couple years. HubSpot’s essential goal from the beginning has been to help align marketing with sales, in an attempt to have both departments working toward the same goal of efficiently increasing customer acquisition. And as the toolset grew, so did their understanding of how to best achieve optimal alignment. Part of this was addressed by rolling out additional marketing features, but a large issue remained simply because they could only affect the non-site pages, the landing and thank you pages and the blog. All of the site pages lived elsewhere. The ability for companies to maximize their marketing and sales efforts was limited because the most important pages of their websites couldn’t benefit from their toolset, so they built a platform, the COS.

There are plenty of good reasons to host your website inside HubSpot’s COS that will make your marketer swoon, but this article isn’t for them.  This article is for the salespeople that should ultimately benefit from the website’s existence. I have found that so many salespeople are uninvolved and uninterested in their company’s website’s layout and features, and I believe this is because most salespeople don’t know what their website could be doing for them. So I’ll tell you what I have told countless new clients, if your goal is to turn your website into a lead generation machine that is actively helping to attract relevant new eyes to your site, you should build your site on the COS, and here is why:

You can personalize the content for each lead

Many of our clients work with varying types of clients. They share the challenge of how best to speak to their differing audiences. Just because one persona will respond to certain pain points and triggers doesn’t mean that all of your prospective clients will. It’s important to tailor your messaging whenever possible to ensure that each lead is always being presented with the most relevant and helpful content. This theory has guided your email strategy for years. You have been sending segments of your database targeted emails with information that pertains only to them. Now the technology allows us to take this to another level by curating content on your site pages based on certain triggers, like what persona they are. This means that after the get a lead to convert on any of your forms, every time they come back to your site, you can ensure that they will be exposed to the content you want them to see most. You can designate certain blog posts to be highlighted or specific CTAs to show up on the homepage. So despite the fact that the rest of your customers will be seeing other content, this lead will see exactly what they should.

The pages load immediately and are mobile responsive

This is one of those added bonuses that means you won’t be losing out on otherwise qualified opportunities. Google has now started to punish websites that don’t adjust their visibility based on the device viewing the content. In other words, if your website isn’t responsive, it is going to be hard for someone to even find your site unless they are searching on a laptop or desktop. Furthermore, just because a website adjusts their content to display properly doesn’t mean that your website actually renders efficiently on a mobile device. We all expect websites to display immediately, and unfortunately many sites are just too outdated to do so. Luckily, every site on HubSpot’s COS automatically comes with Google’s AMP certification (accelerated mobile pages). In other words, they work quickly and correctly.

You can easily see detailed analytics and lead activity

One of the main arguments for having your website built on the COS is to complete the loop in lead tracking. When all of your pages are inside HubSpot, you will have full visibility of a lead’s activity. You know which website pages are being visited the most. You know which offers and case studies are the most popular. You even know specific individual information about every single lead. That means you will know (and can set up notifications for) every time a lead visits a page and how long they spent on it. You will know if they are checking out your team profiles, and you will know when they spend time investigating a particular product, all the while building out additional information for your salesperson to learn from.


The truth is there are plenty of great website platforms that can host a static brochure styled website, but that isn’t what our customers are trying to do. They are trying to use their website and content as an additional team member helping to produce sales qualified leads. This isn’t me talking about what I want from a tool in the future. This is what is possible and being done right now, so if you are curious about whether your website and marketing processes are furthering your sales enablement goals, you might want to check out this page. Or if you prefer, you can drop me a line. I’d be happy to chat with you.

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