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The Fall of Conventional Marketing Techniques & Rise Of Inbound Marketing

The rise of the internet and inbound marketing techniques has made conventional marketing tactics nearly obselete.

Traditional marketing tactics are no longer the best means to resort to when it comes to bagging luscious revenue figures. The average consumer today can rely on several methods to research on the products that they want, and more importantly they also have the means to opt out from any marketing campaign that they don’t want to be a part of.


For example, if you were relying heavily on TV ads to promote your products, then the growth of Hulu which allows subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows without any interruption (no ads or commercials) is certainly not a good outcome for you. Even iTunes allow users to listen to their favorite songs without requiring to listen to radio ads.It is because of these factors, why the significance of conventional marketing tactics are slowly and gradually diminishing and being replaced by inbound marketing.


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According to a recent study by Hubspot, more and more businesses today are spending an overwhelming chunk of their marketing budgets on inbound marketing strategies. And that global trend is clearly visible with the businesses based in or around Denver as well - probably the same reason why the demand of Denver marketing firms with the ability to roll out efficient and flawless inbound strategies are soaring high.

So, what really is inbound marketing? In its simplest form, it is a marketing effort designed to attract and nurture prospects through high quality content without spamming or interrupting them. To help you understand the significance of this fast changing shift to inbound strategy, we have compiled the following list of some basic facts associated with this new marketing approach:

* Inbound marketing represents a fraction of the cost to produce trackable leads when compared to outbound marketing endeavours.

* A spending shift has been going on for the past three years - one that involves redistribution of marketing budgets amongst inbound channels rather than their outbound counterparts.

* Social media marketing platforms (such as Facebook or Twitter) that happen to be one of the most important inbound channels, is preferred as a more convenient tool by more than 60 percent of business when it comes to converting leads.

* With the rise of Google’s own social media venture Google Plus, almost half of all marketers around the world today are acknowledging the fact that that the barely-two-years-old platform is already playing a pivotal role in their marketing.

* More and more businesses today are realizing the fact that blogging can be a valuable resource when it comes to increasing traffic to one’s website and/or increase lead conversion.

However, none of the aforementioned information is intended to suggest that the days of traditional or conventional marketing are over forever - they are likely to be around at least in the foreseeable future. But the best way to exploit these traditional tactics is to try and merge them somehow with existing inbound channels. But to accomplish them smoothly, you must hire someone with excellent knowledge of marketing principles, a Denver inbound marketing firm.


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