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Utilizing the LinkedIn Pulse App as a Marketer


Pulse, an app that provides daily news to your mobile device, has recently published a brand new app complete with full LinkedIn integration.  The app has small origins, started by two classmates during a class project at Stanford. Since 2010, the app has become a favorite news and content source for 30 million users.

By joining forces with LinkedIn, Pulse delivers personalized content to the 360 million professionals connected on the platform. The LinkedIn integration is seamless, nothing drastically changes the LinkedIn web user experience. There is no added Pulse slot to the main header; to access Pulse you have to go a certain URL or navigate to it under the Interests tab. Otherwise, you will see the Pulse articles pop up from time to time amidst updates from other connections.

Pulse as a mobile app is where the true power lies. The app allows us to take our favorite articles on the go, suggesting and organizing articles to read, as well as giving the user the power to share their own professional articles.

As a marketer, Pulse is a powerful tool that can jumpstart your online influence as well as complement your digital reading experience. The app is different than other social networks and sharing apps; it is used by those solely interested in reading and sharing articles. While other social networks have articles sporadically popping up between job updates and profile picture changes, Pulse tailors the feed with personalized content. If someone is using the app, there is a good chance they are looking for a good read and to engage with the content.

Let the news come to you

Pulse allows us to see what those in our field are reading and publishing. Besides populating your feed with articles published by companies you already follow on LinkedIn, Pulse allows you to see what articles are trending in your company. If a few of your coworkers share an article, that article will almost definitely be suggested by Pulse as a suggested read.

Pulse doesn’t limit its suggestions to what’s popular within your company; you can also get a glimpse of what your competitors are reading. The app pulls articles that are being shared at companies that are similar to your own, letting you stay in the loop for what is trending in your field.

These intelligent suggestions make browsing easy. Instead of spending time trying to find a read that fits your interests, they are now delivered right to you. LinkedIn Pulse's customized content allows you to never miss a beat.

linkedin pulse Tailor your writing

The app also provides more insight on what articles a particular person is reading and sharing. Visiting someone’s LinkedIn page does not provide you with this information, so the Pulse app is beneficial to get a glimpse of what your mentors, influencers and target audiences are reading.

Look at these well-received articles for guidance when writing your own posts.If you know someone is a customer or target audience of yours, check out the articles they recently liked or shared. From there you can gather a firsthand account of which articles create engagement and adjust your writing accordingly.

Grow your network and influence

The new app makes it easy to share your own original articles, not just others that you find useful. You are able to share your posts directly from the LinkedIn interface, giving your professional connections a look at what you are posting.

Posting an article you have written within LinkedIn Pulse can help you expand your professional network and share your knowledge. With posts showing up from major news outlets and LinkedIn, it filters out unprofessional content that may be posted on other social media sites. You may come across articles from outlets big and small; I have seen posts from the Wall Street Journal as well as LinkedIn posts from someone at a smaller company.

Since Pulse encompasses all different blog articles, it truly is the one stop shop. It does not limit access and posting articles to the big boys; anyone with something valuable to say can post to LinkedIn Pulse and gain readers. Because of this availability and openness, it is worth taking advantage of to help grow you audience. 

Stay in the know, on the go

As an active digital professional, it is important to stay in the loop of articles that pertain to your field. Pulse provides a simple, easy on the eyes interface to do your reading. If you are active within the blogosphere, LinkedIn Pulse is a valuable tool to use to gain a larger readership and improve your articles based on what your audience engages with.

Of course, LinkedIn Pulse is hardly the only blog outlet out there. Keep up with the latest marketing trends and news with Revenue River's blog by subscribing below.