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How Vidyard is Changing our Video Marketing Game

The evolution of video marketing continues to blossom in front our very eyes. Two years ago, the message was "you need to start producing and using video in your digital marketing campaigns to appeal to the desire for more digestible content." Over time, the need for video spread beyond the marketing funnel and into sales strategies and tactics to modernize the funnel. Now, video has been injected into all aspects of the flywheel and is considered a super effective medium to actually generate revenue.

As video continues to spread, the need for a full featured video marketing software should be at the top of everyone's mind. Dropping your videos into YouTube isn't enough anymore. You need a piece of technology that shows you exactly how your video content is performing with more results oriented analytics and features that allow you to take control with customization and integration capabilities. Vidyard is that piece of technology, and we are excited to say that we have partnered with them to help take advantage of the best-of-breed video marketing and automation tool on the market. So, how is Vidyard the answer to all of this? Well...I am glad you asked!

HubSpot Video Powered by Vidyard

At HubSpot's 2018 Inbound conference, it was announced that HubSpot was partnering with Vidyard to bring video hosting inside of the already powerful HubSpot CMS. By enabling this feature, you will now be allowed to host up to 250 videos right inside HubSpot, and embed them into landing pages, blog posts, and more. This tool is a great way to enter into the video marketing automation realm. Rob Sale, Senior Strategic Alliance Manager at Vidyard, says "At a macro level, the market's mindset has shifted from 'why do we need video' to 'how do I get started with video.' That shift has been a critical piece to HubSpot recognizing to they can best solve video marketing for their users. That's why we partnered up, so we can both make it easy for HubSpot users to integrate and solve their video needs with technologies that work hand-in-hand." With HubSpot video, you can propel how you use video in your marketing campaigns through:

  1. SEO optimization
  2. Social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  3. Video calls-to-action
  4. Video analytics
  5. Thumbnail customization

When you consider the basic features needed to truly use your videos with proper visibility, this gives you a great start. As you look further, the Vidyard Starter or Plus plans starts to unlock powerful features including a CRM integration, universal embedding options, video transcripts, and more. With the Vidyard & HubSpot partnership, it's delivering the full stack approach that everyone with video content desires. "One of my favorite features has to be our auto-transcription services", says Rob. "This tool saves you hours of transcribing, all directly from your Vidyard platform. Transcribing is not only critical for your SEO value and presence, but it also provides captioning for your videos, which is becoming increasingly important when you watch videos from a mobile device."

Vidyard GoVideo (Sales Empowerment Tool)

There is so much talk around having an effective and modern sales team supported by software. The old sales tactics are dead and gone (should out to T.I.), and technology that empowers your sales team is in. Vidyard GoVideo is a simple tool that allows you to send personalized videos to your prospects, making it a powerful touch point piece. The GoVideo tool has been available as a free Chrome extension for some time, but it's now accessible right from inside of HubSpot. With the ability to record your camera, screen, or both at the same time, it's as easy as clicking record to follow up with talking points and next steps, seconds after you get off an important sales call.

But that's not it, because just sending a recap video really only scratches the surface. All of the videos you create are tracked both inside of Vidyard, and inside of contact records with the integration between HubSpot. So you know when, and how much your contacts viewed your video. But GoVideo is not just applicable for business development. We've found it useful for an internal training tool, as well as a piece that our sales enablement team can use alongside massive system and sales adoption campaigns. From system/CRM "walk-through's" to a training series, the GoVideo feature is becoming a critical piece when you expand the applications of a seemingly simple piece of the puzzle.

Bonus Sales Feature

For those organizations using PandaDoc as their main sales document technology, Vidyard just launched their new connector with PandaDoc to use their videos inside of sales proposals. The ability to use Vidyard videos instead of YouTube means you get full tracking on how your videos are being played in proposals, which by the way, has been proven to increase effectiveness and your ability to close deals.

Turbo-charged Share Page Capabilities

One thing that makes me cringe is not adhering to brand. So many companies build beautifully branded websites and truly put effort into items that play into branding outside of that. When it comes to technology and software, you still want to be in control of branding, especially when it's a reflection on your company. Vidyard's share pages (and the design/development possibilities within) allow you to truly do what you want. When you have a video marketing platform, you want to be able to both embed and natively share your videos to your site and other social platforms, but if you have a robust share page with direct next steps and actions for a visitor to take, it shifts how much you rely on sending people to YouTube or other hosts. 

You can get your hands dirty by custom coding the share page to include complete branding from header/footer to text style and fonts, but it's some of the other integratable text pieces that sets a blaze to how your share pages can fit into your digital marketing stack:

1) Custom CTA buttons to help drive video viewers through targeted funnels (contact us, see our other videos, read this case study, etc)

2) You can natively add a drift bot that will fire, prompting people to get where they need to go, or get what they need to ask answered

3) All traffic integrates directly within your HubSpot site analytics for true traffic stats around video pages

Our belief is that simplicity is key, because you want people to watch the video (which is why the originally came there), but to have them close that window after it's done versus directing them to important areas is a waste. Check out how we were able to customize our share page:


Modern Integration Actions and Analytics

With any marketing CMS like HubSpot, it's ideal to build your tech stack around tools that play nice and integrate. Vidyard is no different, and it's native integration allows you to use video in all aspects of marketing automation and segmentation. On top of that, compared to other tools, Vidyard can segment video viewing data down to the percentage or second, which makes a big difference in how you can use that data to move contacts where you need in the buyers journey. Other features that play into the integration side are native video forms to collect contact data, and CTA options that all interact with the HubSpot environment. These features allow you to work inside of a familiar tool, with familiar marketing actions that make sense. There is no more important aspect with a video marketing software other than it's ability to integrate with you marketing hub. Here are a few of the integrations we love from Vidyard

  1.  HubSpot (DUHHHHH)
  2. Drift - Allows you to fire a drift bot on your branded share pages
  3. PandaDoc - Slick and easy video placement in sales documents that are trackable
  4. YouTube - Native video pushing right from Vidyard so you can ensure you keep your YouTube channel up to date

RevRiv Reader Recap Video:

Our success after switching to Vidyard has widely expanded our capabilities across all fronts of our business. If you're looking to see how a combination of our video strategy and a piece of tech like Vidyard can transform your video marketing abilities, schedule a call with me, and let's "Do the Damn Thing" (shameless Bachelor reference there for all of the guys that watch it because of their significant other).