Vidyard's 9 Essential Types of Video for Business

Vidyard's 9 essential types of video for business

As the Multimedia Producer for Revenue River, I get to interact with Vidyard every day. They are the most important software partner for our department and we wouldn't be able to solve for our clients to the degree that we do without the Vidyard platform.  The capabilities are endless and allow us to be a video marketing team vs just another video production team. 

Vidyard recently came out with a guide on the 9 Essential Types of video for Business and in the article, I'll be taking a look at those 9 types and discussing the impact they have on our internal video marketing as well as our clients to add some context to their research.

Video Type 1: Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are meant to do exactly that....explain a process or service. These can be done in a few different ways but the most common format is animated. These videos are generally under 2 minutes in length and focus on the high-level message of what your potential customers should take away from the content and why they should care. Here are a few examples:

the digital growth system - revenue river

the total customer experience - revenue river

Video Type 2: How-To Videos

These videos are more detailed and take the viewer through a technical process. You will see a lot of screen capture and animations in this type of video content however traditional video production may be necessary for some businesses. For example, if you are creating a how-to video for a pipe fitting company it will be much more effective to have a traditional video with someone getting their hands on the product and physically showing the audience the process. Here are a few examples:

how to videos- revenue river

how to videos - revenue river

Video Type 3: Promo Videos

This type of video is another short-form piece of content that is connected to a large piece of content for the sole purpose of promoting sales, download, views, etc. Many people also call this type of video a 'hype video.' These are very helpful for new product launches, sales, mergers/acquisitions, or any other announcement that you need to promote for your business. Here are a few examples:

promo video - revenue river & ecs

promo video example - revenue river

Video Type 4: Thought Leadership Videos

This type of video is fairly self-explanatory. These videos are meant to help to continue to position yourself, your team, or your clients as thought leaders in their industry. By sharing expertise, knowledge, and differentiating point of views you can display influence on the industry. Here are a few examples of this type of video:

thought leadership video - revenue river & inteq

thought leadership video - revenue river on the fly

Video Type 5: Webinars

Webinars are a great way to connect directly with your audience. This type of video is generally used for educational content. The presentation of these videos can range from live Q&As to prerecorded seminars. Many people will repurpose some thought leadership content to create pre-recorded webinar series or record live seminars and repurpose that content in an on-demand webinar library. Here are a few examples:


Video Type 6: Case Study Videos

Case studies are very important to marketing and sales. By using video to create these you can create an even deeper emotional connection with your audience and help potential customers put themselves in the shoes of the featured case study. Case studies can also be used for production use cases. Here are a few examples:

case study video - revenue river

case study video - revenue river

Video Type 7: Culture Videos

This type of video is meant to showcase company culture. For us at Revenue River, we have a video series that highlights our people called "On The Hot Seat," in which our Managing Partner, Eric Prat, sits down with someone from the team and grills them about their personal and work life to showcase how we have fun and how we work together. Here are a few examples:

culture video - revenue river on the hot seat

culture video - revenue river & hint on the hot seat

Video Type 8: Demo Videos

Demo videos allow a salesperson to have a direct way to showcase a software or product through a detailed video that walks through how it works and what impact it will have on the consumer. This can be done by using pre-recorded video, live demonstrations or overviews. Here is an example:

demo video - revenue river & ecolane

Video Type 9: Personalized Videos

Personalized videos are very impactful for salespeople. These videos included personalized elements in order to connect with the viewer on a deeper level. This is done by adding their name, company logo, or a photo. This image will be the thumbnail of the video and the first thing that the viewer sees. These videos aren't scalable but have a much larger impact on the viewer. Here are a few examples:

personalized video - revenue river

personalized video - revenue river


After reviewing the 9 Essential Types of Video for Business guide and creating this summary it is clear to see the impact that Vidyard is creating in our industry. Not only by giving agencies like us a platform to get more out of video for both ourselves and our clients but by innovating and offering a breadth of knowledge of expertise to partners and customers alike. 

If you would like to learn more about how Revenue River can solve for you with video, click the link below.