First job out of college

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During my first week at Revenue River I have been getting up to speed on what life is like for a young professional entering the workforce fresh out of college. So far this week I have been reviewing my job responsibilities, learning about the clients I will be working with, going through the Hubspot Certification training and transitioning from a ramen based diet to a fully stocked company kitchen. Today, my third day, was my first company-wide team meeting as a full time employee. While I have been part of these meetings as an intern, there are a few lessons that stuck out to me today with the scope of my job responsibilities in mind.

It's a team effort

In my first few days as a Marketing Coordinator, I have been making sure I stay on track with my individual tasks and getting to know the people I will be working with directly. Within that, it was very easy to see how the work I will be doing will affect my assigned projects and those on my team. After sitting through the company-wide meeting, I saw how the actions of each individual affect everyone else in the office, not just your own work. If you miss a weekly assignment it affects the performance as the company as a whole. Missed assignments and deadlines pile up and attribute to missed goals for the whole department.

Clear communication is essential

The world we live in is saturated by communication tools; Skype, Slack, Gmail, among many others. All of these tools are designed to enhance communication between each other, yet we still fail to communicate vital information to each other in some facets. During today’s meeting, it was clear to me how communication is vital in preparing for meetings. By communicating with the proper parties prior to the meeting, everyone is on the same page and prepared to address the company on the state of your affairs.

Plan for the future

While this seems like an obvious meeting objective, it is essential to always be planning for the future to meet your goals. Planning ahead allows you to know what you need to achieve and outline the steps to get to that point. In our meeting we used different week by week milestones, which allow each person to schedule out their time to meet this goal by the expected date.

Overall, I still have a lot to learn but gained a lot from an hour inside a room with the other employees at my workplace. Transitioning from internships and the college life to a full time job is not easy, but if you are willing to work hard and listen to others it goes a lot smoother.

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